Covid-19 test kit

Even though one out of every three people infected with COVID-19 does not show any symptoms, they can still infect others. Rapid lateral flow test makes it easier to see if someone has COVID-19. Individuals who test positive and self-isolate help to prevent the virus from spreading. 

According to research, quick checks are a reliable test for COVID-19. They provide a quick result and do not require being dispatched to a workplace. Even if you are immune to the virus, you will catch it or pass it on. Performing quick tests helps to protect yourself and others.

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How to Do Rapid Lateral Flow Test?

Before Initiating the Test

  • Read instructions on the package properly. Most kits have user-friendly instructions. 
  • Wash or sanitize your hand before beginning the test and place the whole kit set on a clean surface. 
  • Generally, the kit comes with a pre-filled tube, if not then fill it with the liquid provided and close the lid.
  • Blow your nose and wash your hands immediately. 

During The Test

  • If your kit mentions a sample from the throat then use a throat swab and rub it on your tonsils. Don’t let the swab touch your gums, teeth, tongue. 
  • If the instruction requests a sample from the nose, then insert the swab into your nose and collect the sample as given in the instruction. 
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After the Test Completion

  • Place the swab inside the tube. Ensure that the sample collected part is inserted in the liquid inside the tube. 
  • Squeeze the liquid inside the tube on the test strip. Wait till the kit reads the result. (The waiting time will be mentioned in the test kit)

While Testing a Third Party

Many people are scared of nose swab testing kits. Most of us are surrounded by various myths related to the rapid at-home testing kit. While commencing a test on an individual, always keep these few things in mind –

  • Read the instructions and begin the test only when you understand it clearly. 
  • Do not start the test unless the patient is calm. Also, ensure that there is another person to assist you while testing. 
  • For throat swabs place a torch in front of their mouth and ask the patient to open their mouth wide so that you can see the tonsils. 

Most test kits are available online and at any pharmacy. School and college students can get the kit in their institute. Employees are provided with the kit at their office. Otherwise, people can also go to the official online site, fill up a form, and request a rapid test kit. 

There is no harm in taking the rapid test. It is fast and easy. If you ever come in contact with a person who is diagnosed positive after a few days, if you stay in a high-risk area, you should contact your nearest pharmacy and request a rapid lateral flow test. 

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