Ways To Lower Cortisol – The Complete Guide

The weight gain is very worrisome so is the high blood pressure levels. Are you feeling melancholy all-day long? Look out for signs of raised cortisol level. The elevated levels of cortisol harm health. Carefully listen to some observations made related to the lowering of stress and take advantage of the excellent medical equipment online that will assist in achieving this objective.

Ways to lower cortisol levels

An increase in stress-level has an immediate effect on the suprarenal glands known as adrenal glands. These glands are overworked and cause excessive weight gain, increased blood pressure level is lowered carefully glands facilitate better metabolism, reduced sugar levels, and lessens swelling or redness of tissues and nerves.

How to lower stress naturally?

The chief method is lowering or relieving stress. The main issue to be handled is decreasing stress to enjoy a better and healthier life.

The four main issues to keep in mind are:-

1. Reduce stress in the most natural ways

Outdoor activities, meditation, performing yogic postures are proven ways of leading a happier life. Exercise must be in moderation. Too much exercise leads to increased levels of stress.

2. Managing Cortisol levels and sleep

Enabling healthy sleep is good for reducing stress levels.

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Ways it can be enhanced and enjoyed-

1. It is excellent to read a book before retiring for the night.

2. Avoid viewing the television or surfing the net before sleep.

3. Liven up the atmosphere at night by dimming the room lights the glands that secrete melatonin also get activated.

4. Enjoy a hot bath before sleeping relaxes, and promote sound sleep.

5. An adequate amount of sleep ensures lower cortisol levels and reduced stress.

3. Choosing the right diet for Lower Cortisol

An ideal diet rich in fiber, foods that act as antioxidants, and nutrient-rich is suitable for decreasing tension.

Include foods like:-

a). Asparagus- that contains iron and Vitamin-B and reduces inflammation and transforms the blood vessels to their normal state.

b). Avocados- are rich in folate and reduce the absorption of fats easily by the body.

c). Cashews- Provide protein and fats that help in resisting anxiety and depression.

d). Chocolate– preferably the dark chocolate that has the quality to calm people and relax them as they contain polyphenols and protect the body from the free radical cells.

e). Green tea- contains L-theanine and improves mental performance and reduces brain fog.

f). Oranges-rich in vitamin C and lowers high blood pressure.

g). Walnuts- an active antioxidant containing alpha-linolenic and improves memory.

Avoid all processed foods that contain hydrogenated oil. Stay away from fat-free yogurt, farm-produced beef, vegetable oils and seeds, and food made of refined flour such as bread, cereals, etc.

4. Supplements to lower cortisol

Health experts have identified additional natural herbs if added to the diet can lower cortisol remarkably. These supplements are herbal therapies.  The enhancement of supplements that increase the ratio of DHEA to counteract and lower cortisol. All the supplements to reduce Cortisol are ordered from home medical supplies online. They are effective in reducing stress considerably.

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1. Melatonin if added to the diet as a supplement regulates the sleep cycle.

2. B-complex vitamins lessen stress and decrease the effects of B12.

3. Vitamin C- Increased Vitamin C is important as it balances the DHEA ratio and Cortisol ratio.

4. L-Theanine is present in green tea and relaxes the body tremendously and enhances concentration.

5. Ginseng- if added as a supplement in the diet decreases chronic stress and diminishes fatigue.

Additional supplements are Omega3-Fatty Acids present in fish oil, probiotics, and adaptogen herbs.

Specific natural herbs have the potency to reduce cortisol levels and should be encouraged in the diet as an alternative to lower cortisol levels. The healing benefits of holy basil, ashwagandha, Astragalus Root, Cordyceps Mushrooms, Ginseng, licorice Root are known to prove beneficial to diminish stress levels.

5. How to reduce Cortisol with Medication

Natural methods are innumerable but the Cushing Syndrome is difficult to get rid of as long periods of stress increase the cortisol level. The ultimate victory over the syndrome could be the use of medicines.

Strong medicines such as Steroidogenesis inhibitors, Neuromodulatory Agents, as well as Cortisol Receptor antagonists can be helpful. It is advised to consult a professional before placing orders of medical equipment online.

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