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Are you familiar with guest blogging? Guest posting is when you create blogs for another client. Both parties win when they guest post.

It allows readers to hear a new voice and provides informative content.

Blogs created by other bloggers on the internet are freely available and can help improve search engine rankings.

This allows you to reach a wider and more diverse audience. This could help you attract more clients in the future.

It’s not easy to pitch clients for guest posts. It is important to do it correctly. These are some tips to help you pitch clients correctly.

Strike with an appealing introduction

When you send an email to your client, be sure to explain who you really are and what you do. Your work and skills will help the client determine if you’re qualified to write blogs.

It is important to establish a genuine connection with the client. Mention if you have ever met the client before. Reach out to clients and companies whose work you can relate to.

State clearly why you’re writing

Don’t be afraid to state the reason you are writing this email. It shows your professionalism and allows busy clients to review your pitch with the right mindset.

In the subject line of your email, mention the guest post pitch. Do not write “Hi, hope you are well.” This is not a clever way of grabbing your client’s attention. You will only make a bad impression of yourself by doing this.

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Describe facts about your client. These facts must relate to your purpose. If you know the client accepts guest posts from other people, mention that. This will let your client know you are following him and have probably viewed his website.

Let Your Readers Love Your Article and Tell Why They Will.

Confidence is key. Clients must feel confident in your ability to deliver quality work.

If you’re pitching via social media or email, be sure to include a blog title that you would like the client to read. This would show that you are familiar with the client’s requirements. If a person pitches a title that is more appropriate for a short story rather than a blog, it will be obvious to the client that they aren’t qualified to write informative, concise blogs. Make sure your title is appropriate and grabs attention.

You can also outline the structure of your blog. It is important not to make your blog too long. For more information on what they expect from pitchers, see the guidelines.

Share Examples of your Work and Skills

Send a few examples of blogs you have previously written. Include links to other websites that have featured your blog. These links will let your client know you are able to write blogs and have previous experience. Remember to mention your ability to meet deadlines, accept edits, and work in a supportive community of bloggers.

End with a question

Finally, ask the client direct questions, such as if he likes the topic and what his thoughts are about it. It’s possible to ask a simple question such as “would you like me to write this blog for you?” While asking, be sure to choose the words that best reflect your personality. If you end the pitch with a question, it would indicate that you are eagerly awaiting his answer.

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Guest posting service requires that you are authentic and confident in your abilities. You should also show that you are able to write for the client’s audience. Sign off when you’re done.


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