How Do SEO Agencies Work

As most businesses are now shifting online, it has become necessary to stand out from the crowd. SEO can help businesses in this manner exceptionally. 

However, often it may seem more hassle to have an in-house SEO team for businesses. In such cases, hiring an SEO agency can help significantly.

SEO agencies help businesses to improve search result ranking by establishing brand authority. A proper SEO agency will be able to determine the right SEO practices for businesses while generating a higher ROI.

Here, we will discuss how SEO agencies work to improve SEO practices.

How do SEO Agencies Work?

SEO agencies consist of SEO experts who are trained to bring the best outcome from inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. These agencies can also help businesses with content creation and social media management.

SEO agencies help businesses to build a solid online presence by building an SEO-optimized website. Thus, the website will have improved loading speed, appropriate keywords in content, get high-quality backlinks, and SEO-optimized content.

In addition, an SEO agency will help in getting the website up and running, managing the back-end operations, and keeping the loading speed faster. These are the top reasons why business owners should hire SEO agencies

Here are the major responsibilities that an SEO agency conducts:

Communicating with Business Owners

SEO agencies will communicate with business owners during the onboarding phase to understand the business in and out. They will discuss the goals, available assets, current campaigns, and if any previous SEO work was done or not. 

They will also discuss the website’s challenges and knowledge gaps. With this information, they will generate a campaign and implement it. 

Then they will constantly communicate with the business to report the results and how they are modifying the goals. They will discuss strategies to enhance the relevance of SEO in business practice. 

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SEO agencies that do not make an effort to communicate with their clients are carrying a glaring red flag. Avoid these agencies for the sake of the business.

Site Audit

Once the onboarding process has been completed, SEO agencies will run audits to assess the website’s current performance. A detailed audit will help the agencies to make a strong foundation for the ongoing SEO campaign.

For auditing websites, SEO agencies will need access to the website, relevant Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools account. If these accounts are not set properly, the agency will set them up and use them to monitor the SEO efforts.

Objective Outline

Once the agency gets all the insights, it will start tailoring the SEO campaign with appropriate objectives to reach the goals. Here, it will outline the plans depending on the objectives and scopes.

The agency will share this outline with business owners to keep track of the progress and timeline. Some agencies may not want to share their objective outline, which is not a good practice.

Keyword Research

Once the outline is approved, SEO agencies will start researching relevant keywords for the business. Appropriate keywords help websites to be optimized according to the best practices of search engines and increase the chance of appearing in relevant search results.

Search engines utilize machine learning that can understand user intent, semantics, and related keywords. Therefore, SEO experts must carefully research them to help businesses generate better leads. Business owners must ensure that the agencies use appropriate keywords and relevant topics aligned with buying intent. 

Analyzing Site Penalties

Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving to help users get the most appropriate result. Therefore, any sites that do not follow the best search engine practices can get penalized.

Thus, SEO agencies analyze whether or not any penalty has hit the website. This can be caused due to shady SEO practices or outdated ones. Either way, SEO agencies will conduct appropriate research and take appropriate steps to correct those penalties. 

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If any agency does not know where to look for penalties or skip this step completely, they may lack proper SEO knowledge.

Oversee the Current Link Profile

Backlinks are one of the important factors of SEO. Poor-quality backlinks can hurt a site’s credibility, whereas high-authority ones enhance credibility. Thus, SEO agencies will need to analyze the current backlink profile and take proper steps to enhance site credibility.

SEO agencies will identify the poor-quality links and then ask to remove those links. Also, they will need to find opportunities to build better links for the website.

Optimize Existing Content

If the website is not new, SEO agencies will re-evaluate the older content and make them SEO-friendly. They will make the content more natural, user-focused, and query-driven. 

Additionally, duplicate content will be removed, thin content will gain volume and value, and broken pages will be restored during the existing content optimization process. SEO agencies will add meta titles and descriptions for better SEO results.

Site Structure Optimization

A website’s navigation needs to be intuitive and natural. The content in a website should be reached without hassle. During site structure, SEO agencies will optimize these website concerns and give them a fresh and clean look.

When websites are optimized for structure, it will allow search engine spiders to crawl properly. Thus, search engines will get a better insight into the website and can bring the website on top of search results.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO deals with fine-tuning the website’s appearance and making it accessible from any device. SEO experts will analyze the site’s loading speed during this audit, make content responsive, and ensure HTTPS.

Without conducting technical SEO, climbing higher in the search results may be impossible for websites.

Create New Content

Now, SEO agencies can start generating new content for the website. This content needs to be unique and include appropriate keywords. Different businesses have different concerns with content. However, it all comes to reaching the goal in the end.

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While creating content, SEO agencies emphasize relevant trends and topics of the relevant industry. Text-based content, infographics, audio, and video content are some common content used by SEO professionals depending on the business industry.

Building Backlinks

Once new relevant content is generated, SEO agencies identify opportunities to get high-quality backlinks for the website. These backlinks help generate traffic from other websites and deliver value to the target audience.

These backlinks also help in SEO success for websites. The more high-quality backlinks a website can generate, the higher it can rank in search engine result pages.


Both content and link building practices require outreach to be successful. SEO agencies will need to promote content that they optimized and created. Also, they will need to reach others to ask for backlinks initially.

Monitor Results

SEO involves a number of moving parts to be successful. Therefore, among other things, SEO agencies will need to monitor SEO results constantly. This way, they can modify parts of SEO in case of search engine algorithm alteration.

Agencies utilize tools and techniques to monitor traffic, search engine rankings, user journeys, conversions, and engagement. It helps them determine if their strategy is working or not and gives them insight into what more can be done.


After a certain period, SEO agencies will report the SEO success to business owners. This report most commonly includes visibility, leads, traffic, ROI, and conversion data.

This report will also include the reasoning behind the result with insights and future steps. 

Bottom Line

SEO can be quite powerful for businesses that want to promote their business with minimal cost. At the end of the day, the credibility and expertise of the SEO experts in an SEO agency can make a significant difference in the company’s bottom line.

Always thoroughly check the company credentials and other necessary information before hiring a company. Also, monitor the company during all the above-mentioned processes.



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