What is the Bounce Rate? Should it be high or Low?

You might have heard the terms “bounce rate” and “conversion rate” during casual searches about SEO or digital marketing. The best SEO agency in India determines the term bounce rate as the percentage of users who visit your website and jump out without doing any activity.

The bounce rate should always be below. If your website diagnoses high bounce rates, you should contact SEO Company to look into the matter.

If the majority of your website visitors skip clicking other links, pressing the subscription button, filling up the form, or doing any activities, you could not have a chance to convert them into your customers. You will not have a chance to make them interested in your product or services.

So, what goes unwell? Why switch to other websites and leave you clueless? How could you increase the bounce rate?

Here’s everything you should know.

The bounce rate above 80% is very bad. If you detect your website has more than an average of 50 to 70% bounce rate, you should start working on your website’s performance.

There can be any reason such as bad design, poor user experience, long loading time, confusing navigation, low-quality content, or website glitches.

In such a case, you need to increase your website’s bounce rate.

Improve bounce rate

One easy way to improve bounce rate quickly is by fixing your landing page issues. Check the web pages with high bounce rate by visiting Google Analytics and click on Behaviour -> Site Content -> Landing Pages

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After knowing the top pages with high bounce rates, you can signify the problem areas for an easy fix.

A few easy ideas to fix the issues and reduce the bounce rate.

1. Improve website speed

Users don’t have the patience to wait for 10 to more seconds until your website loads completely. They barely wait for 2 to 3 seconds and if your website couldn’t load during the time, they switch to the next suggestion instead of continuing with your website. So, you should check your website loading speed and performance as well.

2. Better user experience

User experience means everything that users come across while they visit the website, services, products, and every little thing. User experience indicates the user’s experience of interacting with the website. A good user experience defines smooth and hassle-free interaction with the website and its operations. So, make sure that you create a usable website that looks good on various platforms and devices.

3. Powerful content strategy

Though, the content strategy varies depending upon the trend, business, and scenario, so you need to cover up all of these things while creating something. Marketing experts also suggest various tricks to create a strategic plan, but you should go for the competitors’ websites and their content plan. Try some variations like GIFs, videos, or something engaging that help you represent your business smartly and also connect with the target audience.

Apart from the above tricks, you can also include call-to-action, testimonials, and eye-catchy images or videos to improve bounce rate and increase the conversion rate of your website.

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Practice these tricks to be the best SEO company in Ahmedabad and in the world. Any thoughts?


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