Read This to Know All About Wall Pack Lights

You will find that wall pack lights are mostly installed on the streets and outdoors to illuminate the roads during nighttime. This helps the pedestrians and other people who are driving cars to conveniently move on the street during the dark hours.

These lights can also provide additional security to the area and also for homeowners. You can commonly find such lighting fixtures mounted on the roads. 

These days, most of these lights are using LED Wall Packs and is one of the very well-known companies manufacturing such lights. This LED lighting system is the product of the latest technology and offers several benefits over the lights that were installed on the streets a few years ago.

What are the benefits offered by these LED wall packs?

1. Decreased maintenance needs

The life of LED is much longer as compared to the traditional lighting system and hence they need a little maintenance and replacement. 

2. Improved lighting quality

As compared to the lighting that we have seen before, LED lightings are much superior in quality and offer very bright light.

3. Increased energy efficiency

The energy consumption of LEDs is much reduced as compared to other lights available on the market.

How can you obtain the best results from these lights?

1. Install only where it is needed

These lights are suitable for the outdoor area where people are moving and also for their safety. Using them anywhere will be a waste of your money.

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2. Use them for decoration

Besides illuminating the area these lights can also be used for decoration of the outside area of any property. 

3. Reduce the glare

It does not produce a glare that can discomfort your eyes while they are illuminated.

4. For saving electrical energy 

LED lights are known for consuming lower electrical energy and therefore, for energy-saving purposes, these lights can be ideal.

5. As an emergency light

Since they consume lesser energy, they can also be run with a battery pack and can be used as emergency lighting.

How to install these lights?

1. Turn Off the Power 

For the safety of the installer, first, you must switch off the electricity by turning off the MCB. Also, ensure that no electricity is present.

2. Measure the space

You need to know the amount of space where you are going to light it. Also, you must consider the size of the LED wall pack. Depending upon the measurement of the space where lighting is needed, you will select the right sizes of these lights.

You must also leave enough space for the LED wall pack so that it remains cool.   

3. Remove the existing light fixtures

If you are replacing the old lighting system then you need to remove the old fixtures and replace it with an LED wall pack. Make sure that it must be installed at least 6 to 9 feet above the ground level to function efficiently. 

Before replacing with new LED wall pack lights, make sure that all the electrical wiring codes are changed appropriately for LED connection. 

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4. Wire and install your new LED wall pack light

You must read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the light pack and follow all the steps for installation. Follow the color codes as mentioned so that there are no mistakes in wiring.

5. Seal the junction box

Your junction box must be protected against rain and snow and hence you need to use a waterproof silicone caulk and seal the junction box properly.

6. Test the lighting

After you are done, you must test how the lighting is working. You can adjust the angle of the lights so that it becomes more effective on the space. If you also have used the timer circuit then check its function and set it to the right time. 

When picking LED light fixtures, think about whether or not the wall pack light has photocells. A photocell is now commonly seen in wall lights. Dusk to Dawn Outdoor LED Wall Lights is an excellent method to improve the security of your home or business. 

It is a cost-effective solution to improve the safety of your location. To avoid failure, you can easily set the timer. The timer can be replaced without difficulty at any time.

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