Address Sexual Assaults With Defence Lawyers!

In the world of civilization and advancement, the crime rate has also grown exponentially. One of the most prevailing crimes includes sexual violence. Sexual violence encompasses sexual abuse, sexual assault, and rape. States may define sexual assault as engaging in sexual intercourse by force with a victim incapable of consent. One out of every six women becomes victim to sexual assault. Furthermore, attending college face a 20% higher risk of falling victim to sexual assault. Hence it has now become crucial to address Campus sexual assault Texas since predators seek power and control over others, which fuels their actions. Sexual assault affects millions of people but youth remain at the highest risk of sexual assault. Hereby, college students must be aware of their rights and familiarize themselves with any unwanted or offensive sexual contact. 

The accurate data gathered about the rate of sexual assault occurrences can help to address the issues minutely. Despite the existing laws, colleges and universities fail to meet the needs of students who fall victim to predators. A considerable number of colleges do not even disclose rape statistics and sexually-based crimes. The reports reveal that the colleges do not always protect the victim or properly punish the perpetrator. The students can seek help from the student defense lawyer Texas for judicially handling the situation.

Sexual violence can happen to anyone, anywhere regardless of gender or age.  Precautionary measures have to be taken for the safety of the students and reduce their risk of getting attacked.

BASIC SAFETY GUIDELINES to be adopted by the educational institutes:

1. Provide information:

Students should inform their close ones about their daily schedule, which may include a taxi ride, parties, a late study session, or a date. Someone must be aware of dates and times, names, phone numbers, addresses, locations, etc.

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2. Watch your drink:

Abusers often slip drugs into their victims’ drinks hence it is important to keep your drink close, and only accept sealed drinks.

3. Know your limits:

Youngsters must identify their sexual boundaries and establish clear communication with the other person. You always have the right to say no whenever stuck in an uncomfortable situation.

4. Have a backup plan:

A portable phone charger, emergency cash,  and pepper spray can all come in handy if going out alone.

5. Be aware of the campus resources:

Students can avail of shuttle buses, emergency phones, and self-defense workshops at the schools and colleges. In case of any assault seek the aid of campus crime attorneys.

6. Use social media cautiously:

Students often use social media to share their pictures and immediate locations. They must wait until they leave an event to prevent predators from following them. Social media privacy settings can also decrease the risk of sexual assault.

7. Avoid traveling alone:

Students should consider walking to and from class with a company, especially at night. Carpooling with fellow students can increase safety and reduce gas expenses. Get help from campus police escorts to get home safely. 

Educational institutes must continue to search for the best ways to combat sexual violence on campus such as:

a). Hiring security guards to patrol campus property and provide transportation services to eliminate students traveling alone is a great way. 

b). Offering educational programs that explain sexual violence and how to reduce risk exposure.

c). Discussing the consequences of committing such criminal assaults.

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d). Conducting one to one discussions to know the mental health of all the students individually.

Survivors of sexual assaults often struggle with resuming their normal routine activities. Victims can work with their physicians, counselors, and instructors to recover from their trauma. Even after the healing of physical scars, emotional scars always remain. Help each other emotionally to make this world a better place to live.


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