How to develop a Custom HCM

Technology integrated software solutions are revolutionizing the way organizations operate their businesses. The integrated tools within the trending software leverage the companies with the right information allowing them to focus on their goals. 

Human Capital Management is one such solution, which is crafted to transform the legacy administrative functions intelligently to deliver the right information with the right amount of detail at the right time. 

HCM is treated as a core business asset, responsible for enhancing value through strategic investment & management. So, you may ask – which industry can use HCM?

The HCM solutions are usually beneficial for human resource departments, be it any industry,  to perform functions, such as payroll, training staff, recruiting, compensation, and performance management. 

What Makes HCM So Special?

HCM is an amalgamation of business strategy and modern IT applications integrated with technologies and tools used for implementing the strategy. As aforementioned, HR transactions can be transformed into memorable employee experiences with HCM integrated solutions. 

As eCommerce adoption has rapidly advanced, HCM value has skyrocketed. The solution can be integrated with third-party management solutions, such as HRMS and HRIS to accentuate workflow management. 

Let’s further apprehend the key advantages of integrating HCM solutions in your business operations. 

Benefits of Robust Cloud-based HCM Solution

HCM systems are well configured, supporting guided business processes that aim to assist the actions of the organization in the right way. Right decisions are data-oriented instead of instincts promising expected ROI. There are many benefits of integrating HCM solutions, which can create a bigger impact on business.

1. Optimizing Workforce and Spendings

The integrated tools in Human Capital Management empower organizations to create a pay-for-performance culture that encompasses the right mix of monetary and non-monetary rewards. With HCM, you can seamlessly manage expenses attached with scheduling & labor, whether it is for a specific project or another. Differentiating compensation will enable companies to optimize their workforce management system and spendings on employees or others.

2. Respond to Change

HCM gives you the power of agility to adjust and align with the change quickly. Through in-built powerful insights, organizations can anticipate weakening aspects and areas within the workforce that can be quickly rectified suiting organizational needs. Additionally, organizations can tailor HR processes, align business strategy with people strategy to meet unique needs.

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3. Streamlined Operations

Not just alignment of the workforce, HCM allows the companies to streamline heterogenous HRMS operations. HCM can be consolidated by leveraging intelligent analytical solutions for robust and accurate decision-making. Moreover, HCM enables businesses to automate their manual process, accelerating their HR processes. 

4. Attain Efficient Recruitment

With HCM solutions integrated within the systems of the organizations, companies can retain and nurture talent, increase bench strength, and accelerate hiring speed. This way, companies open the gates to growth opportunities by recruiting the right candidates. HCM helps companies to develop a work-life solution with proper planning and defined roles for continuous motivation and superior employee experience. 

Functional Components of the HCM Solutions 

Cloud and software as a service have become the new delivery model for organizations to integrate customized HCM solutions that align with the business objectives and culture.

These new customized solutions enable the companies to accelerate deployment, transform variable expenses into transparent and fixed operating expenses, lowering IT costs, and drive agility to simplify paths. 

HCM solutions can be integrated for a distinct workforce. Its unique and diverse features are compatible with disparate functionalities. Companies today can customize HCM solutions with the help of IT consultation services providers to gain the maximum advantage of the solution. 

Let’s highlight the unique features that can be used to integrate modern technology in their system that improves productivity, enriching business efficiencies.

Talent Management

Companies can integrate HCM solutions to manage their talent lifecycle. The intelligent solution empowers companies to effectively recruit new employees, manage real-time goals & performance, encourage continuous learning, conducting talent reviews, and planning the best successors – all without the need for extra resources to monitor these capabilities. Customized HCM solutions specifically for managing talent must have the following features –

Performance Management

Allow companies to optimize employee performance through frequent checkpoints. Moreover, companies can seamlessly align business goals to individuals & gain maximum output without the need to manually assign tasks. 

Talent Acquisition

HCM offers a candidate-centric experience that encourages candidates to deliver substantial outcomes while only recruiting the talent that has the requisite knowledge and align with the business needs. 

Talent Review & Succession Management

Customized & feature-rich HCM can let organizations vigilantly create a roadmap underlining the talent trends for future leadership needs and critical roles.


With HCM, companies can meet the need for educating the staff with the latest tools & technology. Expert staff can leverage the skills to develop innovative software or management solutions for the company that bring scalability and stability to the organization.

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Career Development

Companies can craft and maintain development plans to empower businesses and provide a relevant career path for the employees. HCM helps organizations to identify each individual’s career opportunity that brings employees closer to their career goals.

Workforce Rewards 

An HCM solution can be customized and used specifically for attaining the right talent and rewarding them for their performance. HCM can be easily combined with EDI solutions to maximize accuracy and modernize the workforce management & rewarding system. HCM enables companies to effectively utilize modern technology to drive value from compensation and payroll systems. Must-have features in an HCM for managing payroll and compensation data are –

Benefits – HCM can adapt to changing and unique business needs of the organization easily. With integrated flexible benefits program options, companies can accurately handle benefits for the employee.

Payroll – HCM can accelerate and streamline your compliance needs and deliver accuracy when reporting tax, regulatory rules, and payroll.

Compensation – By integrating modern and customized solutions, organizations can analyze and modulate their existing compensation plans through comprehensive administration and modeling. 

Human Resource

The imperative component of any organization is its Human Resource department. HR has a definitive responsibility to fulfill under which finding the right talent, and employee engagement also plays a crucial role. Regardless of immeasurable solutions available in the market, the best is the HRIS system. The tool allows HR to manage the entire workforce without the need for multiple windows. Integrating HCM, you can empower your existing HRIS with these features –

HR Service Delivery – Companies can integrate the intelligent solution with HRIS to address sensitive HR cases within the HR Help Desk. HRIS combined with HCM leverages the managers and self-service employees to deliver help from any platform.

Employee Lifecycle – Since HRIS is dedicated to managing employees within the organization, combining it with the HCM solution can unlock the potential to manage hires to retire, full-time or contracted, with localization and jurisdiction across diverse countries from one place. 

Compliance and Fraud Detection – Integrating modern solutions can enable companies to improve the health and well-being of crucial and sensitive information. Additionally, the built-in features – fraud detection & autonomous security can quickly detect and report incidents before they make serious damage to the company’s reputation.

Strategic HR – Make your HR smarter with the help of performance and attrition analysis within the solution. HR of the dedicated companies can manage their employee documents, monitor their performance, create job structures, and track any employee-related other information from one single window.

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Employee Engagement – HR has a major role in organizations paving the way to success. They are the greatest motivator and thus require a solution that can help them to fulfill this duty of theirs. Customized HCM can be integrated with branding tools that can help HR in motivating their employees through volunteering, competitions, and wellness programs.

Reasons Behind The Change

To keep business ongoing, companies have drifted towards implementing ways to satisfy their employees. Moreover, with the need to streamline with the changing market trends and technology demands, organizations are required to switch from their traditional methods to modern ones. The need for the change is defined as –

  • Increasing Globalization is pushing organizations to implement standardized HCM processes that handle vast functionalities.
  • The analytical feature in HCM for insights has been encouraged by the need for improving organizational performance
  • Capital planning is the biggest problem dealt with by organizations today hence, an effective capital strategy can deter inefficiencies, high turnover rates, and ineffective recruitment efforts.
  • Business regulatory is expanding and the companies need to practice. Modern and customized HCM solutions eliminate the overhead compliance requirement stress and keep you updated to avoid penalties and time-consuming fines.
  • Modernized tools are now integrated with cognitive assessment skills. An Integrated AI system reduces man-hours and avoids performing redundant and repetitive tasks while focusing on higher-value tasks.

HCM Continue to Evolve –

A great and efficient HCM encourages empowerment and engagement by offering complete flexibility to modulate the solution as per the business needs. Modern HCM solutions can eradicate the rigidity of the traditional systems by continuously evolving and allowing easy association with third-party recruiters and software solutions. 

Today, companies can customize the HCM solution by adding a robust API layer or AI technology to make the solution intelligent and accurate while integrating greater connectivity for BI, recruitment, and company objectives.

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