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In today’s day and age, a business’s reputation is everything. From how it operates to the services and products you offer, people’s opinions about your business either close its doors or keep them wide open. It s the reason why creating and maintaining a solid reputation has never been this vital to your business’s survival. 

According to research by Igniyte, a leading reputation management company, reputation management is a very thorny issue for a business’s survival in the long term. Not to mention, one out of three companies now think that harmful online content, such as poor reviews, bad press, and damaging social media posts, is causing their online reputation extreme damage. 

Moreover, one out of twenty of these companies revealed that such content cost them around 500,000 pounds in damage. So, how can businesses build a robust reputation that will allow them to grow and prosper and stay three steps ahead of the competition? Luckily, three are a few ways to do such a thing, and today we will share them with you. So, without further ado, here they are;

Learn marketing basics.

The marketing process involves numerous steps, including conducting market research, profiling your target market, presenting your business’s unique value proposition, setting marketing goals and budget, etc. Sure, you might not be a professional marketer, but basic marketing knowledge will allow you to build a solid reputation, be it online or offline. After all, the first impression you leave on the customer’s mind will ultimately decide if they consider you as a go-to brand in your industry. 

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One way to acquire basic marketing knowledge is through education. Consider enrolling in marketing or a business-related degree, such as an online masters degree in business administration, if you want to acquire basic business knowledge while brushing up on your marketing skills in the process. 

However, if you don’t have what it takes to market your business correctly yourself, hire reputation companies or marketing experts to set you up for success. They’ll help you get the right online profile and ensure you avoid any legal and copyright issues that might damage your reputation.

Always be transparent and act quickly.

When problems arise, most managers and business owners don’t give them much thought and expect them to disappear. However, when you neglect your customers, they might go online on social media or review sites to vent their disappointment, further complicating the issue. So, always respond to customers’ complaints as fairly and quickly as possible if you don’t want them to damage your business’s reputation. 

Take the example of KFC. In 2018, they ran out of chicken, but they quickly apologized to their customers and explained what happened. They went the extra mile and took full-page ads in two different newspapers, explaining what had happened and how customers, franchise owners, and company execs were poking fun at them. 

Their FCK marketing campaign became a PR win, which allowed them to keep their reputation as the best-fried chicken supplier in town!

Be human.

Dialing up your human side is a great way to improve your business’s reputation. After all, brands that are relatable and trustworthy will always be successful no matter what. Customers will never give their hard-earned money to companies they perceive as faceless. 

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Developing a friendly, genuine tone of voice for your communications and marketing campaigns is perfect for appearing more ‘human’ in the customers’ eyes. For instance, when communicating with customers on social media, include honesty and humor in your conversations and refer to them as ‘humans’ rather than people you want to milk for money. 

For example, Innocent, Ocado, and Dominoes won great praise for their fast but lighthearted responses on social media. In fact, According to a Weber Shandwick report, customers prefer buying from a company that they like and respect. So, likeability is the name of the game if you’re willing to sell tons of products. 

Keep your employees happy.

A business’s employees are one of its greatest assets. There are no two ways about it. Even a single disgruntled employee and go out and spread rumors about your company and damage its reputation. There are tons of websites such as that allow employees to rate their employers. So, ensure you treat them with respect and value them, so they don’t go on these websites and give your company a bad review.  

You can keep your employees satisfied by offering them incentives, like bonuses and raises, paying them on time, and improving your business’s working environment. After all, if you keep your employees happy, they’ll continue to sing your business’s praises where they go. 

Give something in return.

Successful brands will always be a part of the communities they work and operate in. so, show off your sense of corporate social responsibility if you want to keep these communities happy. For instance, you can participate in national and local charities to provide a helping hand. You can also provide tokens to new hires, check Swag Bar for that. By offering financial or practical help, you can show communities how much you care about the local cause, which in turn will do wonders for your business’s reputation. 

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Such charity work is a great way to create positive PR for your company as well. So, ensure that you let people know of such charity work through social media. Moreover, involve your employees as well, as they will love to give back to their communities. 


Ultimately, your business’s reputation can only do so much for you. Your reputation rests on your ability to deliver high-quality products and services. If you cannot deliver on your promises, your business’s reputation will go down the drain, and your customers will prefer your competitors instead of you! In the end, it is all about your products and services.

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