Reasons to use the name generator

Getting acquainted with the company, the first thing your future partner or client hears is the name of the company. Therefore it is very important to choose such a high-quality name so that it not only makes a positive first impression but also is remembered. When opening a new business, you need to come up with a good name. After all, a name is not just a formality. It represents the company, talks about what it does, makes it clear what the principles of the owners are, and can even show what the client benefits from working together. The name is especially important in the field related to art. So you need to work hard to come up with the name of a production agency and one that will immediately interest potential partners and customers. You need to choose a name that can lay a solid foundation for future successful work.

Why should use a name generator

This is a process aimed at developing a company name brand or trademark. It would seem that there is nothing complicated here, because it”s just some word that anyone can come up with. But not everything is so simple because there are many pitfalls in this process. For example, you have come up with some name, but it turns out, that such a name is already used by someone. The domains are occupied. The simplest check of uniqueness is the presence of a free domain 1 to 1 with your name in our free Turbologo name generator you can immediately select a domain selection and instantly check its availability with 1 click. Another way to check the uniqueness is to go to the official website of the database of legal entities of your country and enter your name in the search to see if there are similar names among already registered legal entities. We have studied popular generators and selected the best ones.

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To create a name on the Leandomainsearch website, just enter a keyword. There are no additional settings for the generator. The service focuses not on the quality of options, but on their quantity. In a second it can generate more than a thousand names. In 0.06 seconds the generator found 972 options. The advantages of this platform are that it is fast in operation. A large number of options.


Namestation is a multifunctional name generator. The user can specify keywords, prefixes, and suffixes, as well as choose one of a variety of styles. The name can be conceptual classical random modified. You can create a name by automatic selection or a contest with live participants. For automatic selection, you need to enter a keyword and click “Generate Names”. After that, a list will appear with options and availability of “. com” domains with that name. You can remove options from the list that contain three words affixes or associations to a keyword. A more interesting, but at the same time paid approach is to organize a contest for the best name. To do this click “Hold a naming contest” and fill out a form with a description of the business and wishes about the future name. The cost of the service is 35-45. According to the service”s website, the contest lasts up to 3 days, and the contestants offer an average of at least 150 names. The advantages of this platform: a variety of options for checking the availability of the domain, the ability to organize a competition for the best name.


Namelix does not use the standard method of connecting two words, but artificial intelligence. The process of creating a name consists of three stages. Specifying a keyword. The choice of the length of the name from 3 letters. Along with the name, the user is offered a ready-made logo. The proposed options do not always contain the keyword in its specified form. Because of artificial intelligence, the generator takes synonymous words and also uses associations and wordplay. Variants of names and logos for the keyword “kitchen”. The advantages of such a site: are artificial intelligence names with logos at once unusual options.

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The Dot-o-mator generator creates names by connecting two words without any modifications. Unlike other services, words are not randomly selected. The user is given ready-made lists of words from which he can delete unnecessary options or manually register his own. Easy to use.


We have selected some of the best name generators for logos. We will not allocate one service. We advise you to try each one yourself because all generators have their own advantages and the choice depends on personal preferences.

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