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When choosing the Candy for your wedding favours, remember the guests’ taste! If you want to impress your guests, opt for hard candies or mints, as these can withstand the drink’s acidity. For wedding favours, choose edible bags of hard candies or mints, which you can place on each guest’s table. Similarly, you can select edible bags of chocolate bars, which will appeal to children and adults alike.

Consider having them engraved with a special message for your guests.

A great wedding favour is gourmet chocolate pretzels. These pretzels are dipped in milk chocolate and decorated with a white drizzle design. Each pretzel is individually wrapped to preserve freshness. They are 4.5″w x 3″h and can be personalised with two colours, a pattern, a photo or three lines of text. For a more personalised treat, consider engraving them with a special message for your guests.

To make these pretzels as wedding favours, simply place an order online. If you choose to add a personalised message, you should allow 5-7 business days to process it. Once you have confirmed your personalisation, you can then place an order with your venue. Otherwise, you will need to wait for your order to be shipped. They are shipped in insulated packaging with ice packs. For quick delivery, select a 2nd-day shipping option for best results.

If you want to avoid chocolate as a wedding favour, you can choose to give out personalized Pick N Mix instead. These sweet treats come in various flavours and can be customised for your wedding. They’re great wedding favours for guests who haven’t met before. If the guests don’t know each other, they can open their fortunes at the reception table. They may add ‘in bed’ to their fortunes.

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A good option for candy as a wedding favour is candy from Candy Express. You can customise labels for your wedding favours if you’re concerned about food allergies, as most chocolate makers can guarantee nut-free products. In addition to chocolate, other products may have been produced in the same factory. It’s best to double-check the ingredients before ordering to avoid any surprises. Gourmet chocolate pretzels are a delicious, sugary treat that will delight your guests and make them feel good.

Consider your budget

When choosing the right candy for your wedding favours, keep in mind your budget. When you’re planning a candy buffet, be sure to purchase enough for every guest, taking into consideration any allergies or food intolerances. Generally, you should buy at least six ounces of candy per person. Be sure to include labels that are easily visible so your guests can tell which candy is peanut-free, and be sure to keep a close eye on the treats throughout the reception.

If you’re looking for a unique wedding favour that will delight your guests, candy is a great choice. Choose a variety of different candies to keep your cost down. A candy favour is a sweet way to thank your guests and keep their spirits high. You can choose dragees, chocolates, caramels, gummies, and more. There are many different flavours to choose from, and you can even make it personalised.

Try incorporating a local flavour if you’re unsure about which type of candy to buy for your wedding favours. You can also opt to use local flavours and create a custom label that guests will love. Another popular wedding favour is boiled peanuts. You can customise them with bow tie-shaped tags. You can also make a mini bottle of your favourite cocktail to give to your guests.

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Personalised candy bars are also a nice touch. For example, you can print a photo of the happy couple on a lightweight piece of paper and insert it inside a chocolate bar. This gives it the appearance of a real message in a bottle. If you don’t have the time or money to design your wedding favours from scratch, consider creating them yourself. It’s a fun and easy way to celebrate your wedding.

Choose custom-designed chocolate coins that feature any image you want

If you’re looking for delicious wedding favour, chocolate coins may be a great choice. These custom chocolate coins are made with high-quality Belgian chocolate. Since 1894, the composition of Belgian chocolate has been regulated, making it a world-famous and delicious treat. Choose from milk or dark chocolate with a hint of mint, or pick from any flavour of your choice. There’s no wrong choice!

You can find chocolate coins with imprinted images on gold foil or silver foil. You can also choose custom-designed chocolate coins that feature any image you want. There are many collections of wedding chocolate coins available online, so you can find one to match your wedding theme. You’ll find gold, copper, or silver foil options and mint and milk chocolate varieties. You can even order bulk-sized chocolate coins available in any quantity and flavour you want.

If you want a more unique chocolate wedding favour, you can try See’s, a renowned candy maker. You can order a large round box topped with a white fabric rose and six chocolates or opt for a gold-foil heart-adorned organza bag. However, if you’re going to make them yourself, you may want to contact a professional chocolatier who can help you.

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