Do you know how the Koji soaps are produced?

Kojic acid used in the pure Kojic acid soap is naturally produced from some fungi and the byproduct of the fermented rice. The wonderful real kojic acid soap is well known for fighting concerned areas of the skin like acne scars and sunspots.

The Koji soap works by interfering with the protein requirement of the skin that produces excess melanin.

Does It Bleach Your Skin?

Don’t confuse the skin whitening soap features into skin bleaching products. People should rest assured that the koji soap is formulated with safe ingredients that do not bleach your skin if used as per the directions.

What Are The Benefits Of Kojic Acid Soap?

The ingredients of the koji soap mainly have antioxidant and exfoliant properties. Besides that, it has many properties that may benefit your skin. Go through the blog to find out the benefits of pure kojic acid soap:

  • It Fades Away Dark Spots From Sun, Aging Or Hyperpigmentation

The Koji acid soap has the power to fade the dark spots with its antioxidant properties. 

  • It Treats Melasma

Melasma is a skin condition mostly seen in pregnant women that causes dark patches, mostly on the face. Koji acid has melanin-inhibiting properties that halt melasma in its tracks.

  • It Has Anti-Inflammatory And Anti-Bacterial Properties 

Kojic acid soap is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which could help with irritation, redness and inflammation. It also protects your skin from several bacteria.

  • It Has Strong Antioxidant Properties

Those who want to have young skin must know that antioxidants present in koji acid can help them achieve it. Thus, you must opt for real kojic acid soap.

  • It Addresses Hyperpigmentation Happened From Hair Removal

Kojic acid soap is there for your rescue if you have scarring from razor burn, other hair removal-related issues or ingrown hair. You could stop the cause of the irritation, or you can apply koji acid to heal the skin. But you need to be patient about it.

What Are The Ways To Use Kojic Acid In Your Daily Routine?

Here we have some basic tips for you that would help you to decide what product match our requirements:

  • Pure Kojic Acid Soap 

Soaps are the most commonly used product of Kojic acid. This is because it balances the skin tone of your body. In case you have sensitive skin, avoid using bar soaps and go for shower gels with koji acid.

  • Face Toners Or Mists 

Toners are effectively being used to help you manage your area of concern. The Kojic acid toners can be used to slightly hydrate and boost your skincare routine process before you layer anything on your skin.

  • Serums

Serums can be applied after the toning and exfoliation process. In addition, serums can be used for spot treatment by applying to the areas of concern. However, it doesn’t hydrate your skin; thus, you must never miss out on moisturizer and sunblock.

Where To Buy Original Kojic Acid Soap?

If you have any doubts or queries, you must ask your dermatologist for your answers. But if you are sure about including Kojic acid skin whitening soap in your routine, then you might as well purchase it from a trusted brand. At Marie France, you can find all sorts of skincare products for people of all ages and skin types. So shop for plant-based skincare products with us!