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Does the décor and design in your home feel like it’s lacking in elegance, sophistication and luxury? Was it a design concept you never really thought about until recently and now you’re looking for ways to infuse it with the current décor? Creating a home that feels luxurious and sophisticated can take on different levels of work and commitment so it’s not necessary to pull everything apart and start from scratch. Instead, it’s about smart design choices and bringing the right elements into the space that add beauty, value and luxury.

Here are five ways you can create a sense of luxury in your home décor. Whether you pick just one or all of these tips, there will be a big impact.

Change the Colour Palette of the Home

Homeowners that want to see instant changes should consider changing the colour palette of the home. Rather than choosing a colour that is trending for 2022, choose a colour that exudes sophistication and elegance. This one project can transform the space enough that you don’t have to do anything else. It will change the look of all existing décor, furniture, trim, hardware and all other features in the home. Ideas can include:

  • Cool blue
  • Soft green
  • Tonal whites
  • Bold or pale grey
  • Warm yellow
  • Lilac
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It’s all about which colour palette speaks to you and your personality.

Upgrade to Luxury Wood Flooring

If you’re striving for luxury, the top flooring choice should be wood. Wood brings a sense of character, and it can make a space feel warmer or more modern. It also ties various design elements together and it works with any existing paint palette and décor style. As you start shopping around for the right wood flooring, make sure to look for varieties that will pop and act as the focal point. Artisan wood flooring and bespoke luxury wood flooring is exactly what companies such as Continental Wood Flooring specialise in. You want to choose a company that isn’t offering the run-of-the-mill varieties; instead, you want them to be able to see your vision and help you make it a reality.

Let the Lighting Take Centre Stage

How many times have you given thought to the lighting in your home? Probably only when it’s time to change a lightbulb. However, lighting can help to bring your vision to life and give it more weight. Rather than looking at lighting strictly from a functional standpoint, look at it as a design choice, an opportunity to choose fixtures that act as conversation starters. This means bold pieces like chandeliers, pendant lighting, up-lighting and more. Your home lighting project needs to be creative and elegant. Besides adding light to the space, bring attention to artwork, décor and architectural features in the home with lights.

It’s Time for a Massive Declutter

Here’s a design tip that won’t cost you anything, but again will have a big impact. If you have a house that is filled with clutter, it’s not going to feel elegant. Instead, your home will look like it’s in a state of constant disarray. Too much clutter also makes a space feel closed in and small. This means it’s time for a massive declutter. As you work your way through each room decluttering, don’t just get rid of items – work on re-imagining the space with better storage. This will help ensure that the clutter doesn’t start to creep up on you again. Every item needs a place.

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Do You Have an Eye for Art?

Now is the time to tap into your inner artist and start investing in art pieces that you can use throughout your home. That doesn’t mean you need something for every wall as that will end up looking busy and take away from the overall vibe. Look for quality pieces that will make a statement and hang them in strategic spots. Artwork is also the kind of thing you can have forever, so even if your home décor tastes end up changing over the years, the artwork can remain.

You Won’t Recognise the Space When You Finish

By embracing each of these design tips and techniques, you’ll find that you won’t even recognise your home when you finish. You’ll have created the kind of interior that looks like it could be profiled in a top home décor magazine. Achieving a sense of luxury, sophistication and elegance in the home doesn’t have to be difficult – it’s just about making smart choices that have an impact.


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