How to build a sustainable list of influencers

A quality list of influencers from  can help you get started on a wide range of marketing problems. At this point, you should already have a plan for what you want to do and how you will measure success. Once you’ve set your goals and metrics, then and only then, do you take the next step to figure out which influencers to attract.

There are tons of networks and software you can use to skip this if you want to invest in it without expecting influencers to do it again in the future. But if you want to create a truly valuable influencer marketing program with long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, consider strengthening those relationships directly and building a reliable list of influencers.

Compiling a list of influencers

Know your audience

It’s not hard to see what every marketer has to say over and over again: Do you know your audience? Every time you take on a new marketing initiative, put your customers at the center of it. By leave out this apparently understandable step, you threat wasting time, money, and innumerable other resources. If your product is truly targeted at a mass audience, you need to find a way to narrow it down for marketing purposes.

Segmenting your audience and creating specific strategies is a necessary step. When people say they don’t like advertising or marketing, they really mean that they don’t like it when marketing and advertising doesn’t reach out to them. To build a successful list of influencers, you need to understand your audience and those who speak to them in their own language. You Can Also Check How to Say Shut Up in Spanish.

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Discuss important things about influencers

A group of young professionals in a startup team discuss important things about influencers your team talks to a wide variety of people; industry leaders, loyal customers, media and fans. This relationship is a gold mine for potential influencers. Engage in these conversations with an open mind. Accepting assumptions will lead to missing out on key opportunities. Everyone in your company can introduce you to your next influencer, so make sure you bring in your leaders, executive administrators, management staff, salespeople, customer service, and any interns.

See who your audience is following

When interviewing your clients, ask them who they turn to for advice or ideas. Who are they following on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? See who your followers are following. Who do they retweet, share, and otherwise interact with on social media and online communities? When you make a map, you will likely find patterns. You’ll see big brands, posts, influencers with millions of followers, and micro influencers show up multiple times.

Interact with people who already influence your audience

Unless you have a large budget to spend on sponsoring influencers, don’t expect them to help you from the first interaction. Treat it like a network. Invest in relationship building. Start from to subscribing them and sharing their content that is relevant to your audience. This simple action opens up possibilities for creating conversations. When they share something interesting or relevant to your audience, don’t just retweet, but add a comment. Communicate with them like a real person. By getting to know them, you will have a better understanding of what they are looking for in content and what they recommend.

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