The importance of websites remains unchallenged despite the growing popularity of social media platforms like Instagram for marketing. Instagram is the most preferred platform for marketers because of its marketing-oriented approach. The inclusion of new features at regular intervals bears testimony to it. Moreover, Instagram is an ideal platform for selling products as you can set up your shop on Instagram and sell your products. 

Despite providing endless options to marketers to reinforce their campaigns, Instagram keeps options open to drive traffic to the website. For example, you can leave a link to your website in your Instagram bio so that viewers can reach your website. It is a clear sign about the importance of websites that Instagram does not hesitate to acknowledge.  No marketing activity can be complete without a website that acts as an anchor for all types of marketing.

To gain instant popularity on Instagram, you can buy IG comments that have real people behind them so that the content creates an instant buzz and draws all attention which starts the organic flow of comments. However, not all marketers are keen to sell their products on Instagram. They prefer to use the platform to increase brand recognition and drive more traffic to the website where the real business occurs. Therefore, keeping your website updated with the best design features is extremely important to support your efforts on Instagram to build a strong brand.

More expectations from web design

The audience that reaches your website from your Instagram account will have very high expectations about the aesthetics and functionality of your website because of the experience gained from Instagram. Since Instagram sets a very high standard of visual aesthetics, your website visitors would like to enjoy the same pleasant experience when browsing your website. Therefore, you must constantly improve the web design to provide a better user experience comparable with that derived from Instagram. Furthermore, you must focus on intuitive browsing of the website so that visitors feel incredibly comfortable taking the next step without any confusion.

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Including social media buttons on the website

To enable a smooth transition between your website and Instagram or any other social media platforms, digital marketing and web designers incorporate the social media buttons in the web design. Different colored buttons represent different social media channels, and users can seamlessly move to and fro between your website and Instagram account. When you look at the home page of a website, the bold colors of the social media buttons should not escape your attention. 

High-quality visuals

As visitors to your website use Instagram as a benchmark for the design, they expect the same kind of comfortable experience when browsing your website. Mainly they want to see a similar quality of visuals on your website. It results in a drastic shift in web design because earlier, designers would use few images on the website only when felt necessary. Since images occupy a large space, there are chances of slowing down the website, especially when using too many photos. 

However, now it has become a compulsion for web designers to include a sufficient number of high-quality images in the web design to meet users’ expectations but without allowing the website to slow down.

Designers are walking a tight rope

Since using more images in the website design is unavoidable, web designers must have the skill to tread the tight rope of superior photos and a speedy website, which can be pretty challenging. Since user experience is the last word in web design, designers now walk the extra mile to satisfy users by providing Instagram like viewing experience on the website. Although it is never possible to recreate the Instagram experience on the website, it is possible to narrow the gap so that users have little to complain about and web designers are working hard to achieve the goal.

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More emphasis on image optimization

 To maintain the proper speed of the websites so that it takes only a few seconds for the pages to open, including those that have several images, web designers heavily depend on image optimization techniques. Image optimization on websites consists of compressing the images so that it occupies lesser space and does not hinder the website’s speed. At the same time, designers must maintain the exact resolution and quality of the images to retain the appeal of the original image. Therefore, besides uploading optimized images on the website, it is possible to optimize the existing photos too. 

Web designers constantly evaluate the quality of images on the website to ensure that it resembles the quality of images used on Instagram. In addition, designers draw inspiration from Instagram to improve the web design and use the same metrics for audience evaluation to be aware of what makes the audience happy.

Having a good understanding of Instagram operations is advantageous for web designers to create high-quality websites. 



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