The Impact of Apple’s Search Engine on Digital Marketing & E-commerce


Apple Inc., a global organization, headquartered in California, the United States of America, was founded on 1st April 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. The company develops, designs & sells software, electronic goods, and online services. It is one of the biggest technology giants in the world, i.e., Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon.

The electronic goods the company offers include smartphone(iPhone), media player(iPod), tablet(iPad), personal computer(MacBook), earbuds(Air Pods), speakers(Home Pod), TV, smartwatch, etc.

The software & the operating systems the company offers include WatchOS, iPadOS, tvOS, iOS, macOS, iWork, Safari Web Browser, etc. The online services the company offers include the Mac App Store, Apple Music, iOS App Store, Apple pay & Apple cash, etc.

Now the company is coming up with its search engine, according to the reports, and it may have an impact on digital marketing. But first, we will know what digital marketing & e-commerce is.

Digital marketing is that branch of marketing that uses digital modes, i.e., computers, mobiles, internet, to help grow the business & promote products & services. In this digital era, the importance of digital marketing has been evolving day by day. Things like content marketing, search engine optimization, influencer marketing, e-commerce marketing, and e-books are incorporating into marketing strategies.

On the other hand, E-commerce signifies the activity among buyers & sellers digitally or electronically or over the internet. The Ecommerce platforms generate money by displaying & selling products on their platforms. The technologies required to make this happen are mobiles, internet marketing, online transaction process, electronic fund transfer, etc. There exist three divisions of e-commerce, such as online retailing, online auction & electronics markets.

Apple’s Search Engine

No one would have thought that the search engine of Google would take the whole internet, two decades ago. When Firefox & Explorer took over as search engine giants, Google came up with its search engine & now every sector is dominated by it.

Apple has its search engine, named safari. Though Google pays a lump sum amount every month to apple to remain the default web browser in Apple’s all devices, i.e., mobile phones, tablets & laptops. It pays around 10 billion dollars per year to solidify its position, the company gets 20% of its revenue from the payout, the report says. So why will apple do it when it generates a portion of its revenue?

Well, the answer is for safety, to give a personalized browsing experience to its users & also to fulfill its stance against ad services. But it seems, however, Apple needs to rely on ad services to generate money initially, which will be left void if it makes Google left as its default search engine.

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This move of Apple can end the monopoly of the search engine giant Google. Now, as a large number of people use Apple products, they are redirected to the Google web browser whenever the user tries to connect to the web, though the latest version of iOS, Apple introduced to its users how they are averted to its web browser, safari.

If these are correct, it will have a large impact on digital marketing & e-commerce. In this article, we will discuss how Apple’s search engine is going to affect the digital marketing & e-commerce world.

Impact on Digital Marketing

As it was explained earlier, digital marketing is online marketing or digital advertisement through the internet or other digital modes. There are seven big categories of digital marketing, such as-

1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

2. Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

3. Content Marketing

4. Social Media Marketing(SMM)

5. Pay-per-click Advertising(PPC)

6. Affiliate marketing

7. Email Marketing

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of developing the quality & quantity of website traffic to a particular website through search engine results that are unpaid or natural than paid traffic. Some of the examples of organic traffic searches include image searches, video searches, news searches & academic searches, etc.

SEO influence search engine if we consider it as a digital marketing term. The algorithm & keywords have been set in such a way that these influence the result that people are looking for. In this way, any website will get more unpaid traffic by optimizing SEO than without it. They can become potential customers of the company later on.

a). Impact on SEO:

Search Engine Optimization nothing but making the website or page rank higher. In today’s world, the majority of the population uses Google as the default search engine, including users of Apple. Various contents & pages are SEO optimized keeping in mind the Google browser. Now if Apple comes with its search engine, it will take a lot of time to understand the algorithm of the search engine for the digital marketers. They may need to put more extra effort to achieve optimization. So the impact on SEO primarily will have an adverse impact.

2. Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing refers to the promotions of websites by paid advertisement initially to increase its visit by traffic. To achieve optimization in search engine marketing, one may need to achieve SEO before opting for paid options. SEM usually is ranked higher than SEO.

a). Impact on SEM

Similarly, the impact on search engine optimization will be the same as SEO. Search engine marketing is optimized differently based on different search engines.

So, when a business chooses to go for a paid version of advertising itself on a specific search engine, it will have to invest in other search engines for marketing itself digitally. Specifically, when a large portion of the global population uses apple devices & eventually is going to use the apple search engine, digital marketers will likely capture the market too.

3. Content marketing

Content marketing refers to that type of marketing that includes indirect promotion of brands & companies by making praise to their contents, such as products, videos, music, etc. The motive behind content marketing is to generate sales, expand the base of customers, increase awareness about the brand itself, and gain attraction.

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a). Impact on content marketing

Unlike SEO & SEM, content marketing often includes continuous delivery of quality content to raise awareness among existing buyers & potential customers. Customers often rely on information to react to indirect advertisement. & different search engines show different results and rank content differently. So, if the Google-centric market moves to Apple’s search engine it may harm content marketing too.

4. Social media marketing

Social media marketing often includes the type of marketing when businesses connect to their potential buyers by advertising their products through social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.

a). Impact on social media marketing

Social Media is usually not influenced by any search engines since the person knows on which sites to go. Social media marketing will be impacted by the launch of a search engine by apple or any other search engine to be precise.

5. Pay-per-click advertising

Pay-per-click is the type of digital marketing where the business pays the publisher a price when its advertisement gets clicked. It is a way of engaging the traffic to its website.

a). Impact on pay-per-click advertising

Google ads enable users to bid on keywords & pay the publisher every time the ad gets clicked. This platform lets users create their advertisement that appears on the Google ad platform. On the other hand, the Apple ad platform works on the cost-per-tap; it means businesses have to pay for the ads when the advertisement gets clicked by a third party.

6. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing in which the performance of an affiliated person is evaluated based on how many potential customers the person brings in his marketing efforts. Every time a product is sold by the effort of the affiliated marketer; the person gets an amount of profit from the sale.

a). Impact on affiliate marketing

The average marketing cost of any business decreases if affiliated marketing is completed correctly. The growth of the visitor to the website will increase if the search engine ranks it efficiently. So in terms of affiliate marketing, the search engine plays an important role that may be affected due to the launch of a new search engine.

7. Email marketing

Email marketing refers to sending emails personally to potential customers about various products, details, offers he can avail. It often includes advertisement, business, sales, etc.

a). Impact on Email marketing

As search engines can manipulate rankings, and rankings differ based on different search engines. Email marketing specialists check the email ids of potential customers before starting the campaign. It becomes harder to engage quality traffic into the marketing strategy if the search engine result deviates from one to another.

There is plenty of other digital marketing that includes, radio marketing, phone marketing & television marketing that is pretty common these days & needs no introduction.

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8. Impact on e-commerce

The impact on e-commerce will be as same as digital marketing. Ecommerce sites also need potential customers to be reached & to showcase their products. They need to know the customer preference pattern to reach & target the interested buyers. Search engine optimization plays an important role when it comes to growing e-commerce. We will discuss what will be the impact of the apple search engine one e-commerce.

a). Optimizing the search engine will help the potential buyers to find the e-commerce websites. In today’s world, customers depend on search results to buy products.

If the business or the products ranks higher, it will attract customers more that will eventually cause the selling to increase, and profit & revenue will eventually increase. In the case of Apple’s new search engine, the optimization of the search engine will be hard initially to understand the pattern & playing with the keyword will be a bit difficult. So, e-commerce companies will be affected negatively initially.

b). Ecommerce companies need to buy ads to be ranked or to be visible in apple search engines. To target more audience who are users of Apple devices, e-commerce companies need to invest more in advertisements & marketing, this will raise their variable cost initially to stay put in the market. The average expenditure will increase & profit will decrease.

c). The search engine of the apple will influence the search differently than now. Ecommerce companies may have to strategize their plans, their contents & products as per the new search engine. The keyword research will be different than the existing search engine.

So the companies need to invest more time to build their SEO for the apple search engine. Else, it will be impossible to drive traffic without optimizing the search engine, when customers rely on search engines for products.


The search engine plays an important role when everything is one click away in today’s world. Over the years, search engine giant Google has been monopolizing the market for its benefit. It was paying a whopping amount to the tech-giant Apple to make itself the default search engine in the devices of Apple.

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As the rumors are spreading that the tech giant is developing its search engine to make the search experience more personalized for its users, it has already started making a huge impact on digital marketing & e-commerce websites. As we can see, in the earlier phase from its inception, digital marketing & the e-commerce market will mostly be negatively influenced. The site responsiveness, the number of people that search back to the original site as a resource, the keyword bidding, the traffic engagement, the advertisement on pay per click will be different for every search engine. So it will take quite a lot of time for e-commerce & digital marketing firms to be adopted with the new norms. It will increase their average cost also initially that will lower their profit. But a large number of users will be engaged in the search engine of apple, so companies need to prioritize that to move that traffic into their website efficiently.



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