Ways to Rank #1 on Google Using Organic Search Engine Optimization

A #1 ranking on Google is every website owner’s desire. Organic Search Engine Optimization involves techniques using which one can obtain top rankings. The advantage of organic SEO is that it is not costly like pay-per-click advertising. Also, people will be able to find your website as they lookout for a product or service which you happen to provide, in an easier manner.

Over here, we will be checking out as to how to improve Google search ranking using organic SEO. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that organic SEO demands time, perseverance, and consistency. If one is ready for the same, then organic SEO is the go-to thing. Although the top spot on a search engine results page does not come with a guarantee, this guide will enable a better understanding of how to rank higher on Google organically.

Below are some of the ways that would help to reach the top spot on Google, using organic Search Engine Optimization.

1. Understand and analyze the customer wants and optimize accordingly

analyse the customer

In what can be called as the first step, know, understand, and analyze the buyer personas. This will enable you to know as to whom you are addressing your content. Through the creation of the desired quality content that appeals and engages the target buyers, one would eventually be able to improve the SEO.

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It implies knowing the main wants of your target audience, and the keywords which they make use of, in their search queries. Optimizing only for the search engines is of not much use. This will lead to nothing but a keyword-riddled state.

Satisfy your target buyers, and it will automatically please the search engines. It is as simple as that.

2. Keyword research should be a strategized affair

Keyword research

Keyword research forms the skeleton for your organic ranking. Keyword search tools are the ones that come in handy.

Once a particular keyword is identified, one can find out the rest of the relevant keywords for inclusion into the content. Keywords will facilitate locating of your website in search engines. Focus on integrating the discovered keywords in your content, as naturally as possible.

Longer content is more tailor-made to rank higher. It also allows one to integrate more keywords including the long-tail ones as well.

Therefore, proper keyword research matters a lot.

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3. Blog on a regular basis

Blog on a regular basis

Do not forget to blog on a regular basis. Blogging is probably the most effective way to bring about a rise in your organic site traffic, and thus increase your website rankings in search engines. Blogs provide a platform to go into more details and intricacies as compared to the website. In addition, it permits you to have a large collection of useful, consumer optimized content that is tailor-made for your market niche. However, also do not forget that shabbily written, plagiarized, or spammy content could cause more harm than good. So, be aware and refrain from it.

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4. Better the page load time

Better the page load time

Google happens to track the crawling pace. Therefore, a website’s slow loading speed will hurt its organic ranking. Also, the slow speed would have a direct impact on the customer conversion rate leading to a rise in the rate of abandonment for your business. Such is its impact! When visitors do not engage with your website, it will eventually result in a drop in the search engine rankings.

On the other side, visitors will keep coming if your site loads fast. This calls for the need of optimizing the page load time of your website on priority. Image optimization is one of the best ways to speed up the load time of a website.

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5. Do not forget to keep a track of your rankings

Do not forget to keep a track of your rankings

Now that one has taken all the efforts to rank a website, it’s time to take a seat and watch your rankings rise. But the question is, how will one come to know that the efforts put in were sufficient and successful?

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Keeping a track of the keyword rankings is a proven way to tell whether your work is being rewarded or not. This would also help one to make the necessary changes with time if required, so as to maintain the rankings high.

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These are some of the techniques that come under organic SEO, which would help you to achieve and maintain that desirable high Google ranking. Go for it!


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