Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhn

An old murder case is making information once more these days, and it is attracting a great deal of interest from the internet community. The scenario concerned was a murder in 2007, in which two teens were included, one of whom passed away due to his activities. 

Presently, the murder scene is being restored right into the limelight. The whole scenario has been revealed online, and several are curious about what occurred in 2007. 

A 16-year-old guy killed a 12-year-old boy in a surprising and awful incident. In this post, we have all the significant details concerning the event, along with the identities of the teens engaged in it.


Everything in this life is fiction; the only fact is that you will need to leave this earth sometime in the future. 

The narrative of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry will certainly assist you in recognizing that fatality is the utmost fact and that no one can flee from it anytime. 

You will satisfy your death one day or another, and you will not be able to prevent it. Fatality does not have a significant effect. What is essential is just how you accept your fatality, whether you died while standing erect or as a result of an accident.

These details will certainly determine how much time your name will certainly be kept in mind after you have passed away. This is not only a narrative about fatality and survival, 

it is also a murder examination. We risk stopping working to accomplish justice while providing accurate information to the public if we do not get all of the facts right regarding what took place in the first place.

Daniel Petry’s Biography 

Do you remember the story about the 16-year-old who killed the 12-year-old after attacking him for a small con?

Gabriel Kuhn, a 12-year-old kid, was killed by Brazilian murderer Daniel Petry, who was convicted of the crime. The terrible Incident took place in 2007. Petry, who had a history of violent outbursts, beat up a little child before killing him after rapping for an online scam in a video game.

According to reports, Kuhn refused to return the $1.75 he had borrowed to buy coins for the online game Tibia. Daniel went to the boy’s house, assaulted him physically and sexually, then killed him by severing his torso.

He was ultimately given a three-year term at a juvenile detention center. More than ten years after the catastrophe, people are worried about his whereabouts. Below, we discuss the information that is currently known.

Daniel Petry’s Story

In 1991, Daniel Philip Petry was born in Blumenau, a town in Santa Catarina, Brazil. We know nothing about her early years, biography, educational history, or family. Following his role in a murder case, Daniel Petry rose to fame.

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Gabriel Kuhl and Daniel Petry’s relationship

A fictional portrayal of the relationship between two men is found in The Relationship Between Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhl. In the late 1970s, it happened. Being gay was a factor in the relationship’s complexity. 

Both guys had legal issues and frequently disagreed with one another. The two men’s relationship was not healthy as a result of this. The two guys did, however, occasionally engage in violent behavior toward one another when they were in a love relationship.

Gabriel Kuhl and Daniel Petry’s relationship started when Gabriel borrowed money from Daniel but refused to pay it back. Daniel was later shown to have been a monster when he was younger.

Daniel Petry was consumed with a violent loathing for the victim following his horrific crime. He coerced Gabriel Kuhn into letting him inside his house before brutally sodomizing him. The sufferer was bleeding and crying as he lay on his bed. In need of safety, Gabriel Kuhn turned to Daniel Petry.

Gabriel Kuhl was a 12-year-old youngster who had become close to Daniel Petry. As children, they played together as pals. 

Axel, Gabriel Kuhl’s older brother, introduced Daniel to him later, and the two quickly grew close. Gabriel Kuhl and Daniel Petry’s romance, however, descended into violence.

Gabriel Kuhl’s death is still a mystery despite the briefness of their relationship with Daniel Petry. Despite the disaster taking place at home, it greatly interested the public. 

Kuhn had stab wounds on his wrists and torso, which the autopsy report found, indicating that he may have been attempting to defend himself. 

As of right now, Daniel Petry is being tried for first-degree murder. He’s being detained without bond at the moment.

In 1991, Daniel Petry was born. He was a rebellious and aggressive kid. He often responded angrily to irritants. He underwent mental treatment, but he soon stopped going. 

He used the internet and television as entertainment in the interim. He eventually became interested in internet gaming as a result of this.

Media Coverage of the Gabriel Kuhn Trial

The news is once more centered on an old murder case that has stimulated many internet users’ curiosity over the last few years. 

The case in question is one from 2007, in which two young adults were involved, one of whom died as a result of his activities. The issue has emerged once more.

Considering that the information concerning what happened in 2007 was revealed on the Web, many individuals have shown interest in finding out more. 

The assassination of a 12-year-old youngster by a 16-year-old was both stunning and awful to see and read about. This page carefully discusses the whole Incident, consisting of the kids entailed.

Following the release of the autopsy record, the murder of Gabriel Kuhn has once again been the talk of the town. His life was taken as a result of an additional murder. 

Nevertheless, due to several events, individuals are becoming more curious about the scenario in 2007. 

According to reports, the child was killed in his household’s residence and also died due to his serious injuries. A lot of spotlights were attracted to the circumstance at the time. 

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Find out even more concerning Gabriel Kuhn’s death by reviewing his article.

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry’s info was updated on December 25, 2021, with the addition of Autopsy Pictures and an explanation of their tale.

What Occurred to Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry, and Why Did They Go away?

According to records, the 12-year-old victim, Gabriel Kuhn, was killed by Daniel Patry, aged 16, after being abused and harassed for more than a month. 

The event happened in Blumenau, Brazil. The entire scenario began as a result of a computer game called Tibia.

Daniel supposedly slaughtered Gabriel since he desired cash, according to some accounts, after Gabriel had taken money from him to invest in the game and declined to give it back.

Throughout the case, it was discovered that Daniel had been a brat throughout his youth. His moms and dad had attempted to get him to seek mental treatment, but he had rejected it.

Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn are 2 of one of the most skilled individuals in the world. Daniel began participating in an online parlor game Tibia with his friends Gabriel and Stephen in the summer of 2011. 

While they were both participating in the game, Daniel acquainted Gabriel, an area kid. While playing the Tibia, Gabriel approached Daniel and asked for 20,000 digital dollars. 

Daniel agreed to lend him cash on one condition, he must pay it back promptly after receiving it.

On the other hand, Daniel remained to phone his mommy to learn when she would return to residence. The refusal to reimburse the cash prevented him from communicating with the various other participants of their team.

When Daniel learns about his mother’s intentions to return to Nova Trento, he becomes enraged and calls her telephone number to figure out why. His mom was in the community of Nova Trento at 9 p.m. on the night of the abhorrent act (TIM).

His next step was to visit Gabriel and knock on his door, but he could not obtain in because the door had been shut. 

In action, Daniel guaranteed him that every little thing would be fantastic if he apologized to him. Because he trusted what he had asserted to be real, Gabriel unlocked.

Daniel attacked Gabriel shortly after entering the house and shutting the door behind him. Eliminated his dignity with a harsh assault. Afterward, he was bathed in blood, and Daniel began to laugh.

Gabriel threatened to expose several of Daniel’s family keys, which greatly distressed Daniel. So, Daniel connected him up with a cord as well as strung him up over his neck. Keep an eye on this area for any more details that may be forthcoming.

Who was Gabriel Kuhn, and what was his tale?

Party’s parents recognized their child’s outbursts and even took him to a psychiatrist. However, he did not complete the session and left treatment in the middle. 

His teachers constantly reprimand him for avoiding lessons and stopping working from showing up for school routinely. 

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The video game Tibia had astounded him to the point where he would certainly do away with college and also other commitments to play it on the internet. 

While playing the game, he fulfilled Gabriel and obtained 20,000 online bucks from Patry, which he used to buy products. He begged Gabriel to settle the cash as soon as possible. However, Gabriel declined to do so and even blocked him from returning the money to him.

Because Daniel had been offended, he went to Gabriel’s residence, even though Gabriel declined to respond to the door. 

When Gabriel asked for Daniel’s forgiveness, Daniel promised he would not talk to him again unless Gabriel reciprocated. When Gabriel discovered Daniel’s terminology, he entered it and opened the door from within, which Daniel went into and closed. 

After that, Daniel viciously beat Gabriel, and Gabriel also attempted to intimidate Daniel by intimidating them to reveal his family members’ residence secret to the public. 

However, Gabriel’s ruse backfired, and Daniel became enraged, eliminating Gabriel in the process. The complete tale of Gabriel Kuhn’s murder exists here. Daniel Patry is a name that we do not know currently.

All of the essential information about the occasion

Such occurrences usually elevate problems regarding the psychological variables that may have gone to play. 

When we mention Daniel, the man who eliminated the 12-year-old kid, we will see that his mindset can not be classified as “regular” under any conditions. Various mental concerns were bugging him at the time. 

Additionally, we may deduce from the info interpretation that he was urged to participate in numerous mental sessions to boost his overall mental wellness. Despite this, it stops working on expanding fruit, culminating in the depressing occurrence that has taken place.

Daniel was reportedly believed to have also missed college courses throughout this period. Because of this, we could conclude that Daniele’s life was not going effectively. 

Together with the fact that Daniel was a bully, every one of these aspects aids us in putting all of the assemble and also making our final thoughts and reasonings.


This article is not complete here. Check out part 2 for complete detail about this case.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sort of tool did Daniel use?

At first, Daniel started pounding the 12-year-old with his bare hands till the latter was covered in blood. He, after that, placed a cable around his neck in an attempt to asphyxiate him. The Gabriel Kuhn scene photos were readily available online for a short duration.

2. Do you know whether Daniel Party is in prison right now?

The rumor has it that Daniel Patry is currently free to stir. A three-year jail term was provided to him despite his approval of his outrageous conduct.

3. What is Daniel Celebration’s existing age?

He is three decades old at the time of composition. As a result of the safety and security problems, information on him is readily available online.

4. Just how old is Gabriel at the time of his birth?

His birthday is September 15, and he was born in 1995.

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