Why HR Is A Good Career And How To Get Started

One of the most sought careers in companies and institutions is Human Resources (HR). It offers many opportunities for managers and is fast growing. 

Career analysts speculate that more HR jobs will open up in the future with an annual income above the national average. So if you want to learn more, continue reading the article.

Reasons Why HR Is A Good Career

There are many benefits to pursuing an HR career, and the ones below are just a few:

You’ll be in a Position of Influence

As an HR professional, you’ll have a unique perspective on the company you work for because of the nature of your job. People expect you to understand the company’s priorities and challenges because you can influence a company’s future through who you hire.

You Have the Potential to Earn Above-Average Salary

Since HR professionals have a key role in a company, their salaries are also appropriate for the job. That is why in 2020, the median salary for HR specialists was $63,490. That is way higher than the median salary of all occupations, which was $41,950.

But that’s not all. You can still raise your salary if you climb up the corporate ladder. For example, if you are in an HR management position, your annual salary can reach $121,220 – the annual median salary according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report.

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You’ll have the Chance to Change Lives.

Great HR professionals can have a positive impact in the workplace because their daily duties include ensuring the welfare and happiness of employees.

You can have countless opportunities to help employees like:

  • Hiring someone who’s having financial troubles
  • Providing health insurance to people who’ve never had them
  • Give job training to employees who can use it for other occupations

You’ll Have Some Significant Staying Power

Technology and automation are slowly replacing some jobs in the workforce. But it still cannot fully replace HR professionals. While it may be true that there are now duties you can automate in HR generalist roles, there is one element that you cannot replace with machines. And that is the human part of the role. An HR professional needs good intuition and common sense, which machines cannot replicate.

How to Begin Your HR Career

You’ll need to plan your life to have a career as an HR professional. The work environment today is not the same as it was a decade ago. So HR jobs are continually becoming more sophisticated with managers’ expectations growing. 

Do You Need A Degree?

Yes, to become an HR professional, you’ll need a degree. A bachelor’s degree, or even better, a master’s can help you achieve your goals.

Degrees are becoming more of a requirement for job positions, especially HR roles. So it would be best to enroll in some HR courses. Most HR professionals also pursue law degrees since employment laws are becoming more complex.

Will You Need Certifications?

You can find plenty of institutions offering various HR Certifications. But it’s up to the company to require such certifications when hiring an HR professional. 

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In big cities, companies will most likely require applicants to have certain certifications before considering them for the position. And small to mid-sized companies are slowly adapting to this trend. So while it may not necessarily be a requirement to have a certification, it’s still nice to have to open up more opportunities.


Human resources are one of the most sought careers because of the many benefits you can gain from it. But as with most jobs, you’ll need to have a plan if you want to increase your chances of getting hired. So if you know anyone who wants to become an HR professional, share this article with them.

Originally posted 2022-09-11 16:04:00.


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