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There is no denying, there is no stopping the ecommerce industry from absolutely taking off more than it already has. More than ever, people are realizing that buying things online is not only more comfortable and efficient, but they can actually have a lot more options than when they go to physical stores. Thousands of products at their fingertips and blazing fast shipping, one can say with confidence that the industry is here to stay. 


For the ecommerce vendor, however, the worrying news is that the competition for customers is heating up more than ever. There are new players in the ecommerce space that come up every single day and they are all vying for market share. That is why if someone wants to succeed in ecommerce, having a good strategy to ensure customer loyalty is an absolute priority. If you are someone who does business online, here is what you can do to ensure customer loyalty. 

  1. Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

The reason why Amazon is so good as an online marketplace is not only because they have superior logistics, but they also have top-notch customer service. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos himself mentioned that Amazon is as successful as it is because they have a culture of being customer obsessed. There is no secret to this, if your customer has a great experience shopping in your store, they will have a greater prerogative to shop there again. Making sure their queries are answered by human beings instead of generic chat bots is one way that you can improve your customer service. Always make sure that your responses are courteous, respectful, and inviting.  

  1. Personalize Your Recommendations

Recommendation engines have become an integral part of an ecommerce marketing strategy. This is because companies are taking advantage of the massive availability of data and advanced analytics tools that they are able to use to make sure that they recommend products that their customers are more likely to buy. 

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You have to take it a step further and make sure that your recommendations are truly personalized. When you use email marketing, for example, it would help if you make sure that the beginning of the email features your customers name and not just a generic placeholder. The more the customer feels that you are talking to him specifically, the more likely he will be compelled to do business with you.  

  1. Don’t Hold Back On Perks and Discounts

There are a lot of clever ways that you can use pricing models to your advantage and turn them into perks. If your supplier gives you a lower rate for bulk orders, for example, why not turn this into a feature by providing your customers with the chance to save on their shipping if they buy past a certain amount? People like getting the best bargains, offer it to them whenever it makes sense. 

  1. Capitalize on FOMO

You can create loyal customers if you constantly feed their need to always keep abreast of the latest trends in whatever niche they are interested in. Use the information that is available to you to always keep your customers informed so that they will be compelled to buy the latest trending items from you. If they hear about something new in the niche, they will go to your store first and foremost. 

  1. Reward Customer Loyalty

If you want to have customers that want to shop in your store exclusively, you have to give them a greater incentive to show loyalty to your store. If a customer has reached a certain total lifetime order value from your store, for instance, you can offer them special gifts and discounts to let them know that you appreciate their patronage and you value them as customers. 

  1. Have the Right SMS Marketing In Place

One of the less known ways to make sure customers stick around to your store is by simply using SMS marketing. SMS marketing is very useful because, unlike generic email marketing, SMS marketing feels far more personal because customers do not automatically think that they are spam. Use this in tandem with the idea of personalizing your recommendations, and this can be a great tool for creating customers for life. 

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These are some of the basic ways that you can make sure that casual shoppers become lifelong business partners. As with anything concerning value, it is a temper of giving and taking. If you want to retain customers, you have to give them an explicit reason to always consider your store first. 

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