Hair Replacement

Hair loss is as problematic for men as it is for women. Nobody wants to go bald, at least not before the age of 70. However, many people have genetic or hereditary issues and they start experiencing hair loss at a very young age. A lot of men have now started relying on hair extensions as well or you can simply opt for Hair Replacement Treatment for Men   Lansing MI.


However, there are a lot of things to consider if you are going for a complete hair replacement treatment. On the other hand, you wouldn’t have to think much if you are choosing to get NBR extensions Woods Cross UT. where both options are great, many people prefer getting a hair replacement. It is also known as a hair transplant by many. But is it really worth it? Or are extensions better? Well, let’s see some of the tips that can be put to use, to boost hair growth and deal with hair loss in men. 


  • Hair Replacement

Hair replacement, also known as hair transplant, has two types. One is the follicular unit transplantation and the other is follicular unit extraction. The first method is considered as the traditional method of hair replacement and is commonly used the most. However, your surgeon will decide which one is better for you. We recommend you to question the surgeon about all your concerns before you opt for this process. Also, keep in mind that this is a type of surgery and it will be costly. So always keep your budget in mind. 

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  • Laser Treatment:

Laser treatment is not used much but is now gaining more attention. It is used to decrease the inflammation in the hair follicles. Inflammation stops hair from regrowing and thus, causes hair loss. Therefore, this treatment can be opted for too, to deal with hair loss in men. 


Some simple lifestyle changes can also make a difference. If you are a smoker, it can contribute to hair loss. Start by decreasing the amount of cigarettes you smoke and try quitting this habit too. Also, change your diet a bit. Keep a balanced diet, including protein, veggies and fruits in a good proportion. Lack of proper nutrition also causes severe hair loss. Likewise, stress management can help boost hair growth too. If you are worried about your hair loss, you can also head out to a specialist and get a checkup. There might be a cause behind it and addressing it can help regenerate hair growth too. 


  • Hair Extensions:

If you are okay with your hair loss but strpping outside makes you a bit uncomfortable then you can choose hair extensions too. There is a huge variety available for men now as well. For example, hand tied hair extensions  ST Louis MO are loved by many as they give a very chic hairstyle to men. Likewise, there are a lot of options to choose from and you can make a pick according to your personality. 



Nobody likes hair loss, whether men or women. Some people are confident with being bald too, whereas many aren’t. Thus, looking for methods that can help you out of this situation is always a good idea. There is no shame in trying to look better or as you want to. 

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