Types of Marketing Emails You Should Be Sending

Email marketing is an essential part of any business’s digital marketing strategy. Although the types of emails you send out will vary depending on your industry, there are a few emails that are useful for almost any company. Here are a few of the most important types of email to send to make sure you’re getting the most out of email marketing.

A welcome message

Welcome messages for new customers are a great way of introducing yourself to your customers. Rather than diving straight in with the hard-sell, welcome emails are more for building some familiarity and showcasing your brand. You should take a friendly, personable tone, and summarize what your business is all about. Maybe even throw in a little welcome offer or gift. It can also help to add a slight personal touch by signing off with your own name, rather than your company’s. This helps to personalize your business and connect with your customers a little better. If the number of people on your email list to introduce yourself to is lacking, check out leadlists.com.au to find customers who may be interested in hearing from your business.

Regular newsletters

Newsletters are a great way of keeping your customers informed of the latest updates to your business. You could include information about new products you are offering, or any upgrades or updates to your existing products. Depending on your clientele, you could also throw in the occasional personal update. Make your newsletters time relevant, including references to the time of year or any recent interesting events. You can also show off your knowledge and credibility by informing your readers of the latest news in your industry as a whole. Perhaps mention the hottest trends, developments, or ideas in your field, and then link these back to your own business if possible. Your newsletters should be sent on a regular schedule, e.g. monthly, weekly, or quarterly.

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Happy birthday/anniversary email

If you have you have your customers’ birthdays on record, schedule specialized emails to go out to them on the day wishing them a happy birthday and perhaps giving them a special offer to celebrate. This helps to increase customer loyalty as it encourages subscribers to stick around for next year! If you don’t have your customers’ birthdays to hand, you could consider sending out an email on the anniversary of when they signed up with you. These can be a similar format to birthday emails and will have a similar impact of increasing brand loyalty and helping you to retain customers.

Limited-time offers

A limited-time offer is a great way of driving sales. By providing your customers with a tempting, yet short-lived offer, you will encourage them to act fast so they don’t miss out. You should make sure the offer is genuinely time-limited, rather than simply renewing as soon as it expires, as customers will likely catch on to this. Offer a genuine deal that doesn’t come along too often in order to create that sense of exclusivity and encourage customers to purchase your products or services.


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