Heardle 60s

This is one of the best word-search puzzle games and another version of Heardle’s musical game that plays one song every day from the 1960s. Plus, it also allows you to share your score of the game using a comparable sharing function. Every day you have to guess a 60s song correctly in 6 or fewer tries. Guessing starts with hearing the start of the song for a few seconds. After a successful guess, you will be able to hear the full song. The level of guessing increases after the guess of each song. As a result, by challenging your music skills you can also hear a larger portion of the music for that day.

Moreover, the player can also post a piece of music on their social networks if they properly identify the song’s title in the given trials. You will get a list of songs of a decade to choose a random song in this music game. Working Website Link: https://60s.heardledecades.com/

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  25. Videogame Heardle
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  29. Vocaloid Heardle
  30. Blankpink Heardle
  31. Geometry Dash Heardle

How To Play Heardle 60s Musical Game?

Before starting to listen to a song’s intro you must select the song’s artist. You can hear the music unlimited times to make a guess. Here are the simple steps to enter the game and enjoy it the most:

  • First visit the Heardle 60s game website or application. 
  • After entering the site you will get an audio clip of a popular 60’s song.
  • Tap to listen to this song’s intro for a few seconds.
  • Based on the intro, a player needs to guess the song’s name. 
  • You will be presented with input fields to type your guess.
  • For guessing the correct title of the song you will be getting a maximum of six attempts. 
  • After each attempt of your title guess you will get the feedback indicating your correct guess. 
  • Keep guessing until you get the right guess or you run out of given attempts.
  • You will win the round with your correct guess within the given number of attempts.
  • You will get rewards after a win. 
  • Hurray!! After winning the game you can share your rewards on social media if you wish to.
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This is what you need to enjoy playing your much-loved musical game of popular 1960s music!

What Are The Rules Of Playing Heardle Musical Game?

Like every game, Heardle musical game also has some rules for players:

  • A player must guess the song title with a second intro within six or fewer attempts.
  • If anyhow you fail to guess your song title then the answer will be revealed to you after attempts.
  • After each round, the Heardle game will move on to another audio clip from a different artist and music genre.
  • Players will get only one attempt for song guessing.
  • You will get scores when you win the round and your scores will be tracked and compared with other online players playing the game. 
  • You can challenge yourself with your 60’s music knowledge to get a higher score each time. 

Have fun and enjoy it the most!!

Tips for Guessing The Right Tracks Quickly and Easily In Heardle Game!!

Heardle, the popular song-guessing game and presents a new daily challenge to song puzzle lovers. It is similar to the popular Wordle game with the only difference being that in Wordle participants are to guess the correct 5-letter word in six attempts, whereas, in the Heardle game, music lovers have to crack the accurate song in the 6 shots only that is the same number of Wordle game. Let us have a look at some tips to win the round:

  • Listen to the short clip carefully and pay attention to all of its musical elements, like the melody, lyrics, and the instruments used as well.
  • After paying attention try to recognize any exclusive element that may be helpful for you to guess the song quickly.
  • Use your online resources like YouTube or Spotify to locate similar songs to narrow down your guesses.
  • Plus, social media is also an aid to asking about the song info from your friends or family members. 
  • Always keep track of your progress and music challenge to get a higher score in Heardle 60s game.
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Playing the Heardle game is simple with a song guess. After listening to the 16-second song’s intro if you miss figuring out the right track, you will be assigned to listen again for a comparatively more extended period. You will also have some hints to guess the song apart from listening to the audio clip.
Although it sounds exciting and straightforward, sometimes it becomes complicated to guess the song and players are not able to guess the correct song. But, with the help of some hints, it becomes easy to find the song. Some of the hints include:

  • The game sometimes states that Wikipedia has listed this specific song as an East Coast hip-hop. 
  • The song was released in such and such year. 
  • You will get hints of the awards or specific positions of the song on any award function. 
  • Last but not least, you can have a clue in terms of slang, popular names or movie names. 

What are the plus points of playing Heardle’s 60s game to music lovers?

  • Your music knowledge testing: The game provides an opportunity to test your 1960s music knowledge. In addition, it is a great way to challenge your memory and identification skills of popular tracks of the decade. 
  • Nostalgia: The game has the power to bring back nostalgic feelings for those who were raised in the 1960s by listening to those songs. They must appreciate the music playing of the era and also enjoy the full song after winning the specific round. 
  • Source of Entertainment: Heardle 60s game online offers a fun and engaging experience of listening to popular songs of that time and guessing their titles. It can be an enjoyable activity to pass the time and share with friends or family.
  • Music insights: While playing this musical game online, you may come across songs you haven’t heard before. Thus, it becomes the way to introduce you to new tracks and artists. Hence, expands your musical knowledge and appreciation.
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Closing thoughts of Heardle 60s game online!!

Heardle 60s is an ideal game for music lovers who love to test their music knowledge of the popular songs of the 1960s. Plus, it is a perfect way to challenge and enhance your knowledge and compete with other online players and explore new genres. Moreover, it will also relax your mind after having a hectic daily schedule. When you win the reward then this game is helpful to boost your confidence. 

Play the musical game and get the most out of it of the 1960s musical era!!

Frequently Asked Questions!!

  • Is there a Heardle 60s game online?

Yes, the Heardle platform offers a 60s game for music lovers of that time. They can play this game once per day with the music of the 1960s. The game consists of guessing a mystery song of the day in 6 or fewer attempts. 

  • How to play the Heardle music game of 60s songs?

The Heardle game aims to guess a new mysterious song once a day. The game starts with listening to an audio clip to guess the song’s title. Listen to the intro carefully, then find the correct artist & title from the given list of options. If you skip attempts or guess the song in fewer attempts then you can unlock more of the intro. 

  • What is the goal of the Heardle 60s game?

The goal of the game is to keep music lovers introduced to the 60’s music with as many clues as possible. Each guess must be a valid song from the 60s. 

  • What is the name of a music wordle from the 60s?

Heardle 60s is similar to a Wordle game where a player has to guess a word and in this, a music lover has to guess a song title in 6 tries. Each song in Heardle’s online music game is randomly chosen from an ever-expanding list of popular songs from the 1960s era.

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