Giant Inflatables

Giant inflatables instantly make any event or gathering exciting and memorable. Depending on your company or the event you’ll be running, there will definitely be a giant inflatable suitable for it… and if there isn’t, many companies now offer bespoke inflatables, so you have the freedom to create your own! 

Go all out and get a giant inflatable 

What’s the point in hiring an inflatable if you aren’t going all out? The best option at any event is giant inflatables, without a doubt everyone will remember these. If it’s advertising and you’re aiming to gain new customers or sales – a giant inflatable could be your answer. Some of the biggest brands have a massive success using giant inflatables to advertise new services, products, or slogans. Any message will stick in someone’s head if it is written on a huge inflatable sign, arch, or banner. 

Inflatable arches are ideal for sports events and marketing

At big events like marathons, it’s exciting for participants and supporters to see the start and finish line, crucial in fact. Inflatable arches are going to stand out no matter what colour they are, you can’t go wrong with a big arch. Not only will these arches be effective at sports events, but also as a form of marketing at fairs or conferences. If you’re a company looking to make a statement at an event, why not hire an arch to go around your stand advertising a current discount you’re offering as a company. 

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Inflatables for birthday parties and outdoor events

It doesn’t always have to be a massive event to hire a giant inflatable, it can be an outdoor garden children’s party, engagement party or a baby shower for example. Anywhere you’d like to make an announcement or have some fun. There are options like giant planets and moons if you’re hosting an outdoor cinema or big animals suitable for kids’ parties. Adding extras always makes events more entertaining and people always remember what a great time they had when an effort has been made. 

Personalised inflatables 

If you do happen to go for an arch for marketing purposes, you can get it personalised for your company. Personalisation options are always popular as everyone has a different message they’d like to advertise, and there’s no better way to do this than on a huge banner or arch. Another option is a bespoke inflatable shape, turn anything into a giant inflatable – if you’re a burger van, get a giant burger. If you’re a festive company, you could get a Father Christmas, or if you’re a new small business, a giant inflatable logo to represent your company would look awesome. The choice is yours! 


There are lots of different types of giant inflatables and it can be hard to make a choice with so many to choose from. Just make sure you make a statement… although, it’s hard not to with giant inflatables! 

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