5 Charts That Help to Save More Money

Saving money is one of those financial habits everyone should have, however, the reality of this with lots of bills to pay is different. Whilst many may find saving is a simple process and they have been doing so for years, many others may struggle to focus on this and find they have little to put aside. Fortunately, there is no right or wrong time to start saving and you can start doing so quickly if you have available funds. To help, here are 5 chart ideas that can help you save more money and provide a helping hand with starting a savings habit.

1. Budgeting Charts

This is one many are familiar with and involves entering all of your expenditure information. This will provide an overview of both your essential and non-essential spending so that you can start to budget. If the total shows a negative figure against your income, then this will indicate you are overstretched each month and maybe struggling to maintain financial commitments. A budgeting chart should help you break down all types of expenditure from utility bills, loan and credit card payments, to all the small expenses that can quickly add up. The more accurate you are with filling in a budgeting chart, the more you can start to pinpoint areas to cut down on and free up money for savings.

2. Loan Calculators 

A loan calculator may not seem the most obvious choice when looking to save money. However, when you do need to apply for further borrowing, it will help you work the best deal. When applying for a short term option such as payday loans, you want to be able to see how much this will cost based on the amount and loan term you need. This way, you can save money by choosing an option that works out best for you. This type of flexible repayment will enable you to choose more affordable monthly repayments and free up more money for your savings. 

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3. Income & Expenditure Charts

Similar to a budget chart, an income and expenditure chart is used a lot by lenders when assessing applicants. This is where you can enter all your current financial information, hopefully showing plenty of disposable income that can be used towards further borrowing or savings. These charts are usually simple to complete and have entries for every type of income if you have multiple streams, plus all manner of expenditure sections. It can be difficult trying to remember all types of outgoing you may have, so income and expenditure charts enable you to check your bank statements and fill in any gaps. 

4. Emergency Savings Chart

Whilst you may have savings that you’ve started to accumulate, do you have a separate emergency savings fund? Many people will keep their savings all together and just dip in as when they need to when any emergencies arise. However, this is where your savings goal could become blurred, so if you can it’s best to split your savings into different needs. An emergency savings chart can remind you to put some of your saved money away for the purposes of covering those unexpected bills. This way, you can start to separate your savings and create an account just for this to go in. 

5. Spare Change Charts

Another useful method if getting into a savings habit is proving difficult is by using a spare change chart. This works as a reminder so at the end of each day or week, whichever you prefer, you’ll put any loose change you may have into your savings. Now, this may seem like an old-fashioned approach, especially if you do not tend to spend a lot with physical cash, but there is a modern solution. Many banks have a facility to “sweep” your account, whereby any leftover funds on a certain date can be automatically moved to your savings. You could set this up whenever you want to and create a limit so that not all of your available funds are moved. 

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Whether you choose to print out any of the above charts that you’ll find online, or design your own using a spreadsheet, you can start to focus on your finances and boost your savings habit today.

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