Connect With Reputable Fifa Card Makers To Get Personalised Fifa Cards!

Are you a football fan going crazy over the personalised football cards and other accessories? Or are you planning to gift a FIFA card to your friend and looking to connect with a FIFA card maker for the same? If yes, you have landed at the ultimate guide to learn what are personalised FIFA cards and how to pick suitable designs. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

What are personalised FIFA cards?

If you are a football fan, you must have seen the cards in FIFA22’s Ultimate Team mode. How would you like it when those cards are personalised for you? Amusing right? Personalised FIFA cards are primarily designed in order for fans so that they can feel like the stars they see on the game. The FIFA card creators came up with this idea with the thought that every fan should be able to get a football card through online card builders. Are you wondering how to get a personalised FIFA card for yourself? Here is how:

1. Choosing a design 

Among the different design options or something in your mind, you can choose one of your favourites. If you are confused about the popular designs, look for the ones which represent different footballers and fans.    

2. Choosing the style

Now that you have picked your favourite design, it is time to decide what type of card you would like to build. Some of the most popular card choices include metal and wood options. In addition, you can customise them exactly like the ones you see in games like FIFA Ultimate Team. How would you like to see your face on the FIFA card in the place of your favourite player? Amazing right!! This brings us to our next point. 

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3. Uploading the picture

One of the most personalised things about getting in touch with FIFA card creators is personalising every part of it. Now that you have the name of the person or yourself to be printed on the FIFA card, it is essential to choose the perfect picture for the card. Even if you are confused about uploading a certain picture, be sure that the graphic designer will remove the unwanted background and let the person’s picture shine all over the card. Ensure to maintain the originality of the picture for it to look better on your FIFA card. 

4. Pick the stats 

After picking the card design and style and uploading a perfect picture, the next logical step is to pick your personalised football card stats. All the fields on the card ranging from the player’s position and other stats shall be mentioned as per the desire. As the FIFA card is fully customisable, you can keep thyme stats as you like, but it is advisable to keep it standard for real effects. Although most people are amused with the high stats, it is absolutely up to you how you choose them.   

5. Adding additional features

As the card is being ordered for personalised use or for gifting purposes, its display must be unique and exceptional. If you have a gaming room at your place and are creating your own FIFA card for it, get a wall hanger fitted with it to hand it to any elevated place.  

6. Picking the delivery options

Since the last step is to place your order for the most-awaited FIFA card, the next step is to choose the shipping options. If this order is placed for someone to surprise them on your big day, you can choose the specific date of delivery of the package. Despite the fixed shipping policies, if you wish to receive the product early, you may have to pay the additional shipping charges and get the item on the desired date and venue.  

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Get in touch with a reputable football card maker to get personalised FIFA cards!

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