ExtraTorrent was established in 2006 and is a well-known name among the other torrent sites such as Kickass, and Pirate Bay in the torrent ecosystem. You can download movies, games, software, and many more using the site rather than buying it from the store. It attracted thousands of users during the era when torrenting was new.

ExtraTorrent is the second largest site next to Pirate Bay in the world, where people can access all the entertainment and keep a copy on their desktop and watch any time of their choice.

ExtraTorrent hosted a vast range of torrent links and magnetic links for various contents. It was prevalent among the Users who preferred the ExtraTorrent site more than any other torrent site due to its highlighting features and advanced file-sharing system accessibilities. With its clean, User-friendly interface, it provides a  neat way of downloading an array of movies, games, TV shows, anime, and music under one roof.

There was almost every file you could search in the search engine. ExtraTorrent even celebrated its 10th anniversary when it launched, when the website logo was changed for a celebratory theme.

However, in May 2017, the ExtraTorrent site was shut down out of the blue as copyright regulators spotted it as the government wanted to refrain users from using this torrent site for downloading a variety of content for free.

ExtraTorrent users attempted to clone the Internet site or set up the ExtraTorrent mirror sites after the shutdown of the original ExtraTorrent. The ExtraTorrent.cd is one of the mirror sites for ExtraTorrent, which has survived compared to the rest mirror sites, which did not share the same fate and vanished.

How to Access Extratorrent Sites?

Extratorrent proxy sites are the best option for accessing the contents as the proxy websites act as a mediator for clients’ queries by requesting services from other sites. People will get to know when you browse Extratorrent from the proxy server as it shows you are connected to the site but they cannot determine the fact whether the proxy server transmits the data to you from the Extratorrent.

Often, people get confused between ExtraTorrent mirror sites and ExtraTorrent proxy sites. The site is a duplicate copy of the original name but with a different domain and host code. In other ways, the proxy site or server acts as an indirect portal that allows connections to the original Extratorrent websites and their host.

Ways to unblock ExtraTorrent Site

You can unblock the ExtraTorrent from ExtraTorrent proxy sites as it acts as a bridge between the connection you are at and the destination website you are trying to reach. The internet traffic from your browser will route through the proxy sites before it comes to Extratorrent mirror sites if you use the Extratorrent proxy site.

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It will help you to unblock the ExtraTorrent as well as give you access to the ExtraTorrent website, which has been blocked in your region.

Many people who have tried to download content from extra torrent can unblock the  ExtraTorrent using the ExtraTorrent proxy sites. To download the Torrent file many websites have redirected to Extratorrent mirror or clone in order to have easy access. It is essential to know that these ExtraTorrent proxy sites can be volatile when they get frequently blocked by copyright regulators.

To unblock the ExtraTorrent site we have compiled a list of Extratorrent proxies that are in working condition and you can check up on these sites. Not all countries allow ExtraTorrents proxy or website as there are no official websites that look original. You can still have access to ExtraTorrent through a VPN service provider even if you live in a country where ExtraTorrent is blocked.

You can unblock the ExtraTorrent with some proxies as it will help you to download the torrents on your PC. These proxies listed below act as an intermediate server that hides your IP address, which gives additional security when you access through the ExtraTorrent.

Using VPNs to Unblock Extratorrents

What is VPN? 

If you are living in a country where torrent sites are blocked, you can use VPN for unblocking the ExtraTorrent. To enjoy browsing through Extratorrent you can use VPN software and download it easily but you have to first subscribe to the service provider.

VPN has been able to unblock any torrent sites which the government has blocked as it offers an end-to-end secure connection to the users. This also helps to unblock the Extratorrent site with a secure and safe method. It is a private network that tops the public system in enabling customers to send and receive data if they are linked to a private network via a computer.

The two best VPN services that provide all-around services are Expressvpn or NordVPN and are safe to use in a country where torrent sites have been blocked. There are many types of VPNs you find the one and thing which suits you best for You.

Every user has the right to keep his identity anonymous, as this is why in the first place, the VPN is developed, and it is entirely legal. But if you use it to have other websites or do illegal things like selling drugs considered illegal.

The Tor Browsers allow accessing ExtraTorrent with an easy-open IP address with safe internet connectivity as it is not found in other web browsers.

If these options do not work still, you can try with proxies of ExtraTorrent alternatives such as Pirate Bay, YTS, or LimeTorrents.

Use a Proxy server:

Using the Proxy server is the same as VPN but requires a manual method as you have to change the IP address from your browser on your computer.

One can set the  IP address through a manual setting also as it keeps you private from other users. It will change the locations when you check your IP online, and also it is one of the easy ways to change the IP address. To unblock the Extratorrent you don’t have to pay or download additional software as with this Manual setting you can easily unblock it.

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You can also use HTTPS to unblock the ExtraTorrent site as it adds a Secure Sockets Layer over the regular HTTP sites to make connections private and confidential.

As not all websites have SSL installed to browse in HTTP, that’s why ExtraTorrent takes its place of having the advantage of SSL to load the site in HTTPS as it passes the blocks imposed by the government?

To open a website in HTTPS, in the URL box, write:”https://” before the URL you type (note: without the double quotes)

In this way, you can unblock the ExtraTorrent site and access any torrent files easily when you open the website.

Countries where ExtraTorrent is blocked

These are the following Nations where ExtraTorrent sites are primarily blocked with their ExtraTorrent proxies, and they are :-

a). The United Kingdom

b). The United States of America

c). Russia Federation

d). India

e). Pakistan

f). France

g). Italy

List of working ExtraTorrents proxy sites

These are the Clones of the ExtraTorrent cc website as they have the same designs, torrents, and functionality but on different domains. ExtraTorrent cc proxy/Mirror sites are hosted in places where it has not been blocked yet. If you are not able to access them,

Here is a list of proxy sites for ExtraTorrent that are currently in working condition:-

a). https://extratorrents.ch

b). https://extratorrents-cc.com

c). https://extratorrent2.unblockninja.com

d). https://freeproxy.io

e). https://extratorrent.it

f). https://freeanimesonline.com

g). https://ext.to

h). https://extratorrent.si/

i). https://extratorrent.cd/


k). https://sitenable.info

l). https://siteget.net

There are more ExtraTorrent proxy and mirror sites, and here are the top main proxies down below Proxy

1. https://freeproxy.io/extratorrent-proxy/

2. https://sitenable.top/extratorrent-proxy/

3. https://extratorrents.ch/

4. https://freeanimesonline.com/extratorrent-proxy/

5. https://sitenable.ch/extratorrent-proxy/

6. http://extratorrent.com

7. https://extratorrent.unblocked.tw/

8. https://extratorrent.mrunlock.win/

9. https://extratorrent.mrunlock.date/

10. https://extratorrent.si/

How can ExtraTorrent operates in the Torrent

In ExtraTorrent, you can download various files to its servers and storage, which generate connections and trackers to download torrent files straight to the device as it has its hosting and site solutions.

If someone uploads a document, they can share or install it with the ExtraTorrent torrent tracker; all you have to do is add the document to the torrent download applications, which is a straightforward procedure, and this is how it works.

For example, you can download BitTorrent on your PC and can save the document in precisely the same region where you don’t have to delete the torrent file in the BitTorrent software. Allow the BitTorrent applications to set up and compare it with the content. This way, the content is shared with several Men and women, and able to share the articles with you via ExtraTorrent Torrent.

Greater ExtraTorrent alternatives 

There are a lot of trusted websites where one can download films and TV shows along with ExtraTorrent. These are some of the best alternative sites to ExtraTorrent.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the world’s leading torrent site famous for its diverse torrents with various categories ranging from Movies to TV shows, games, and many more. It allows users to download and contribute to magnetic links and torrents using the P2P file network of the BitTorrent protocol. It is one of the best alternatives for ExtraTorrent.

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2. YTS

This is one of the best alternatives for ExtraTorrent, among others, and they publish high-quality releases from torrents. This BitTorrent tracker will surely amaze you. This YTS comes with a straightforward, intuitive interface, and the newest version on this website can be found in 4k resolution. YTS is one of the best movie download sites and offers more high-quality files than many other torrenting sites provide.

3. EXT Torrents

You must create an account with details such as Username, Email address, and passwords to use this is the second-best alternative to ExtraTorrent as it is one of the best movie download torrent sites where you find tons of movies and TV shows where you can manage 1300 TV displays and 30,000 pictures.

4. 1337X

1337x is popular among the torrent community users, where the users share the best torrent files for free downloads every day. You can easily download movies, anime, software, or other files from 1337x. It regularly switches to different domains to protect itself from total shutdown by Law enforcement.

5. Zoogle. me

Zooqle has a robust interface and many loyal users. It will continue to grow over time at accelerating speeds as it is easy to use and has 600 TV shows and 37,000 movies.


RARBG is also one of the perfect alternatives to the ExtraTorrent as it has a well-organized interface that offers the latest Movies and Tv shows to the users. RARBG provides torrent files and magnetic links to facilitate P2P file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. The site has a clean interface that offers features for users to browse easily with relevant information. One can browse Movies, Tv shows, games, and software as the site has different resolutions. It has numerous categories, and experienced operators manage the site trackers. A community is itself tight-knit. Still, RARBG remains the best alternative torrenting site for ExtraTorrent.

7. Torrentz2eu.net

Torrentz2eu.net is the unofficial replica of the original website Torrentz which was abruptly shut down by its operators. The site works due to Various add-ons and plugins in the browser to find the best torrents for the user. If you tried to access with VPN for the flood, you don’t have to worry. But If you try to open the site, it will trigger software that will lead to the virus on Your PC.

Torrentz2eu.net has more different content than any torrent site. This torrent site is also one of the substitutes for ExtraTorrent.Many users use this torrent site for downloading music, and it is the best place for you to go.


There are many ExtraTorrents proxy sites available and live on the Internet, but only a few of them are the best, as mentioned above in the article. It is safe to use, but one has to be careful while clicking ads on the website. It has taken time, but it appears as if a real Working clone of ExtraTorrent.

There are many alternatives in exchange for ExtraTorrents, but the best ones are mentioned in this article.

It is picking up from the grave right where it left off and allowing new members to register in its constant growth.

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