Questions You Should ask Before Taking Biocidin Liquid

For the uninitiated, many types of viruses, bacteria, and fungi reside within your body all the time. They are collectively known as the microbiome. Most of them are considered helpful to the functioning of the body. Especially in the gut, they help in digestion and immunity.

An increasing number of people take biocidin liquid to maintain the microbiome in their bodies. So you might hear your friend or a colleague recommend you the formula to help in gastrointestinal complications. But before you order one for yourself, there are a few questions you should be asking. These will help you gauge if the liquid is of any help to you.

What is Biocidin Liquid?

Biocidin liquid is marketed and distributed as a liquid that destroys potent antimicrobial and biofilm. A biofilm is a group of microorganisms that collectively resist the immune system. So your immune system finds it harder to regulate the pathogens that are part of the biofilm.

By ingesting the liquid from Biocidin, you essentially break down the biofilm. Thus, the pathogens get exposed and are eliminated easily by the body.

Biofilms can be found throughout your body, in the teeth, in the mouth, inside the gut, and in nose mucosa. So, it comes in various forms like drops, toothpaste, throat spray, etc.

Now that you know what Biocidin liquid is all about, you need to make sure that it’s the right solution in your case. For this, you need to ask certain questions to yourself.

Are You Suffering From Biofilms?

There are multiple reasons why your health may degrade. If you’re facing indigestion problems, then there are plenty of reasons that might have caused it. Overeating might be a reason. Eating spicy food might be another reason. Certain antibiotics, too, can lead to indigestion. It’s improbable that all of them contributed to the problem at the same time.

If you’re considering taking the liquid for your health problems, you must ensure the biofilms are the reasons behind it.

There are oral biofilms and bowel biofilms. So if you’re facing problems in and around your mouth, then you should check for oral biofilm formation. Similarly, for those experiencing stomach ache and indigestion, they should check for the presence of bowel biofilm.

There are different detection methods used for identifying biofilm production, such as Tissue Culture Plate, Tube Method, Congo Red Agar Method, etc. You should get in touch with a physician in this regard.

If there’s confirmation of biofilms in the concerned, then you can start using the Biocidin liquid.

Do You Take Antibiotics Regularly?

If you’re using antibiotics to treat your bowel condition, then there are some precautions to take. Take the liquid at least an hour apart from the antibiotics. That’s purposely done to avoid any interactions between the two, which will otherwise lead to adverse effects.

The Biocidin liquid is a herbal product and is very safe for use. They support the body and are not meant for curing or diagnosing a health issue. So chances you will be taking your medications along with the liquid.

It’s best to consult with your physician regarding the same. They’re in a better position to understand your medication routine and suggest a time frame accordingly.

Are You Allergic to Raspberry, Lavender, or Other Ingredients?

The biofilm killing liquid from Biocidin is composed of multiple ingredients. These ingredients may include Bilberry extract, Noni extract, Milk Thistle, Echinacea Purpurea Extract, Echinacea Angustifolia, Goldenseal, Shiitake extract, White willow bark, Garlic, Grape Seed Extract, Tea tree oil, Galbanum oil, Lavender oil, Oregano oil, etc.

The product is free from all types of common allergens like gluten, dairy, eggs, shellfish, and soy. But the extracts from the above-listed products are used. Depending on your sensitivity level, you should consult your physician before use.

Are You Pregnant or Expect Pregnancy Soon?

The next question you must ask yourself is if you’re pregnant or expecting pregnancy soon. When you’re pregnant, gastrointestinal issues are common. You may face issues like nausea, vomiting, gallstones, diarrhea, constipation, etc.

Therefore, pregnant women must take additional precautions before they think of using the liquid. This is also true if you’re nursing. Consult with your physician on this matter if you’re expecting pregnancy in the coming weeks.

When taking biocidin liquid, there are other things to note as well. First is the dosage. The recommended dosage level is one drop per day. Once your body gets acquainted, you should increase the dosage to 3 drops per day. The dosage is different for babies and adults.

Even though the liquid is remarkably safe, you must take precautions. It primarily targets the GI tract and fights the biofilms that ensure better health and immunity systems.

Originally posted 2021-01-27 22:35:49.