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Everyone has something they like to do more than anything else, and for some, that’s watching movies. Some like to do more than watch – they love to delve deep into the film itself, learning all they can about how it was made and what went into putting it together. Whether it’s a certain genre or all movie types, if you love film, it might be that you have considered installing your own home movie theater. If you have, what stopped you? Perhaps you didn’t know where to start. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you plan your home movie experience and make it special – there is a lot to consider, but these pointers will help you get started. 

Don’t Look Up

When you’re thinking about how to set up the cinema room itself, you’re going to want to know the best place for the screen – perhaps the most important element of all. Although your first thought might be to place it high up to ensure everyone in the room can see, this is a mistake. Too high, and you’ll become very uncomfortable when watching, and end the movie with a sore neck and back. Therefore, it’s far better to position the screen in the spot where your eyes will automatically go when sitting in the seats you’ve installed. In other words, the screen should be in the middle of the wall, not high up on it. Ideally, three to five feet up from the floor works well. 

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Block Out The Sun 

The last thing you’re going to want to do is to have the sun streaming through the windows and onto the screen in your home cinema room; you won’t be able to see the movie at all if that happens. Therefore, you need to ensure you block out the sun, and this can be achieved by using blackout blinds or curtains. Alternatively, you can find a place where the sun won’t intrude at all, and this will make the room even more user-friendly. A garage is a great example, as there are usually no windows. Install insulated garage doors and turn the room into a home theater, and you can really enjoy the experience. 

The Library 

If you have your own home cinema, you’ll need plenty of movies to play in it. These days, that’s a lot easier – and less expensive – than it was in the past, at least to some extent. Thanks to streaming, you can now enjoy many different movies, and even TV shows that you can watch online and project onto your large screen. However, if you like more obscure movies, or you have a large DVD collection that you have collected over the years, you might want to upload a lot of these titles to your laptop so you can stream them yourself. This will take some time, and it’s best to have a dedicated laptop for the job, as they will take up a lot of space too. Plus, when everything is in one place, you can have your pick of what you watch at any time.

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