What is Zooqle?

Zooqle is one of the latest torrents sites where you can watch all the contests for free just like watching on Netflix, which legally streams its content. As with growing more popular give stiff competition to the other legal online streaming platforms despite the fact these streaming platforms are not standard still, several people choose this Zooqle site to watch online.

Zooqle is well-designed to collect torrents similar to Torrentz as it has search engines just like other search engines. In Zooqle, you can download free apps, Movies, Games, etc. Zooqle has made a name for itself in the world of torrents. You can free apps or movies you download many more things such as Pdf files of books, software applications, and Mp3.

For example, if you search for a particular item,l see a list of torrents on clicking the specific item or file, and you can know where the floods come from, but it does not show its direct page.

But in Zooqle shows where the files come from directly which makes it perfect to use and as the website hosts only the verified torrents in its platform for safe download without infecting the user’s computer system with malware.

Zooqle site has an intuitive user interface which makes it easy to use.  The website uses modern fonts, elements and everything which one can find only in high-quality websites.

The platform has more than 37,000 movies in its database with more than 4.3 million active users, making the torrent site a popular torrent site in the world.

Nearly more than 2200 subscribers are present all-time performing the job of supporting the  Zooqle site determining the location of all clients who download a P2P file.

Features of Zooqle:

Reasons on how Zooqle has made a big name in the streaming market is listed below:

  • The first feature which makes it unique and different from other torrent sites is it lets you have a secure downloading part with its verified torrents as a person does not have to worry about security issues in regards to downloading a movie or TV series from its site.
  • Irrespective of the language barrier this site offers a wide range of different movie industries of the world. You can stream from Hollywood to Bollywood to regional languages movies of India right away on this platform which makes Zooqle a good platform for watching world cinema.
  • Zooqle platform offers subtitles along with movies which makes people more comfortable to enjoy watching the content and understanding about the range with ts subtitles anywhere in the world they live they can watch the content easily.
  • Many people prefer Zooqle as their platform for downloading movies or apps over other platforms as it offers its users fast speed in downloading their films quickly.
  • One can download a torrent with just a single click as the site provides magnetic links for downloading purposes without having to do much work.

Zooqle is also a movie database

Zooqle is not only a torrent search engine it also shows movie/TV databases that are similar to IMDB. Com . one can search for movies or TV shows related to important information as it has pages for every movie actors related information. For example, if you are searching for a particular film on a page, you can see all the available torrents for that movie with their sorted quality videos Mbps to search for a specific version whether it’s an HD or 3D version. 

And TV shows pages have their own categorized torrent list with all of its seasons in the listed manner for a more evident downloading purpose. The only flaw in the Zooqle site is that it doesn’t have a similar music database just like other torrents sites. But apart from this, it works the same for apps, software, games just like any torrent site. 

This is why Zooqle is one of the new names inside the BitTorrent biological system. It is going high in expanding its site. The credits are given to the developing amounts of torrents, so an ordinary route is used to utilize Zooqle proxy and mirror sites as these proxy and mirror destinations are Clones of the Zooqle torrent site. 

How to use Zooqle

Though Zooqle is an illegal torrent site for download or streaming movies, series as it declares as an act of piracy and unethical to use this platform. Even if one wants to use this platform, you can directly access the website using his/her search engine and Web browser. Still, it is best to use  VPN software to protect by hiding their IP addresses from regulatory authorities. By doing this, one can stream the content easily without having to worry about it.

Active Zooqle proxy/Mirror sites in 2020 (All Working) 

Mention below websites is currently working proxy/Mirror sites of Zooqle in 2020 as these sites will help users download their favorite movies, games, software, etc. If you are having trouble using these sites, then you can use the VPN sites to change the IP address or proxy to unblock it.

Zooqle Proxy/Mirror sites 

          Zooqle Mirror/Proxy Sites                    Status    Speed

The other similar alternatives to Zooqle torrent :

  • Kickass Torrents 
  • LimeTorrents 
  • 13377x.to
  • Torrentz2
  • YTS Torrent
  • 7torrents
  • Torrent Galaxy 

Zooqle does not have any software to download as it contains Torrent files which are just a link to an internet location to illegal files that are stored. But if you can click on the link and download it from your BitTorrent, then it is considered unlawful. 

Before the existence of Zooqle downloading from the Internet sites was a hand breaking moment as it took a lot of time to download as you need to have a high-quality Internet speed also you need to start the process if you are no longer. connected. If you have a P2P connection, then you can continue from where you left. But Zooqle ‘s magnetic links effectively drive user’s content as it ensures your download is downloaded ultimately faster than any site.

Even the Zooqle companies are fearful that any time there might be a threat from a hacker to being hacked from them as in the Zooqle website, many of its user’s data were hacked in 2008. but despite all of this Zooqle ‘s pirate Bay admins will secure the user’s data safely.


Many countries have blocked direct access to Zooqle, but one can use the VPN premium services to prevent any security from hackers. But there might be times when Zooqle’s site will not be accessible to anyone due to technical or public reasons. In dire need of streaming the content, one can always use the alternative torrent site if the person wishes to look for different places.

Originally posted 2021-01-24 20:47:58.