What Is Damon Salvatore Rule 34 On World Wide Web [Updated]?

This rule is a concept that is based on online content, which states that all content on the internet is not safe for all. Rule 34 is ” If it exists, there is 18+ video of it.”. According to Damon Salvatore’s rule 34, each piece of content on the web no matter whether it is real or fictional has something NSFW content. The information on the internet will be exemplified in the creation of some pornographic images and videos. This also says that the internet is quickly scattering the business of adult films in one or the other way. 

This all is done with the help of female characters in any series, program or reality show on the internet. Background females such as single mothers, soccer moms as well as college students firm their fantasy living about pornography and spread these videos all through the world via broadcasting. It has become an online business to get popularity and to earn money out of it. Though, this kind of trading has some restrictions still the huge potential makes it possible on a vast network of the world wide web. Sometimes it is not recommended because a large number of children search the internet and surf for various purposes, it is not safe for them to pop up 18+ videos or images on the screen. 

Artists of this type of content believe that nobody should view adult videos or content as a social ill. Conversely, they also have thought that it can be made more effectively by taking care of the rights of concerning workers. Damon Salvatore rule 34 has become a huge debate and it should not be supervised completely by politicians, religious organisations and academics. Their voice must also be heard according to their diverse work experiences.   

Moreover, no official authority is there to impose laws or rules on internet content.  As an alternative in the early 2000, the rules are a series of guidelines and references related to internet traditions. Many rules and guidelines stand with Damon Salvatore rule 34 or other popular references to fight and south club. 

Conditions of Damon Salvatore Rule 34

Damon Salvatore is a vampire in the series vampire diaries, he is one of the two protagonists. At the beginning of the series, he was an antagonist but when he decided to work with his brother his personality changed. He was born in 1839 and lived with his mother, father and brother in Mystic falls till 1858. Then after his mother’s death, in 1864 he was declared a vampire.  shown a 178-year-old vampire and an isolated successor from Silas. He became human when his younger brother Stefan Salvatore introduced a treatment for him. In the preliminary part of season one of the vampire diaries Damon acted as the main rival, and when he came back to Mystic Falls he was announced as a vampire. It was the basic condition of Damon Salvatore’s rule 34. Because of their brutal and sour relationship both Salvatore brothers Damon and Stefan hadn’t been seen for around fifteen years. 

In his 50s, Damon was cruelly tortured and become a prisoner. A Whitmore family of Augustine society agonized him in the 50s and 60s, they conducted experiments on the vampire for a big purpose. During their imprisonment for five years, Damon met Enzo and met with each other and both of them became best friends. In the final moment, their plan failed because Enzo dies because of Damon’s deeds and then this sadness and guilt turned his humanity and he is determined to get a reprisal. His revenge started with an act of bad things for every member of the Whitmore family. The story of the series ended with the death of Aaron Whitmore.

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After all these happenings Damon decided to return to his home town of Mystic Falls and this he did with the purpose to rescue his mother from a tomb she never entered. After more than 145 years he fell in deep love with Katherine, but when he realised that she did not love him even after more than 145 years. After realizing that Katherine did not love him, his fondness and love decreased towards her and his split nature came into existence and increased day after day. This was the interesting situation of Demon Salvatore rule 34 that Elena was influenced by the deeds of Damon’s brother Stefan. Stefan imbibes good character in his brother and they both started to work together to protect Elena and her family friends. Damon stayed next to his older brother Stefan and Elena. 

Relation between Damon and Elena grows over time in the series, and finally, they become true lovers of each other. After the death of Elena and Throughout the series, the relationship between Damon and Elena continued to grow, and they finally became lovers for each other. After Elena’s death and her transformation into a vampire successfully, feelings of Elena increased toward Damon Salvatore and at last, she confessed that she had a strong love feeling for Damon. During season four of vampire diaries, their relationship grows and then it got intricate when both of them discovered that Elena has changed into a Vampire because of Damon’s blood.

Thus, it was not clear that Elena’s love for Demon was real just because of a sire bond between both of them. This also become one of the strongest conditions of Demon Salvatore’s rule 34.  On the other hand, most people say that Elena came back to Stefan after the sire bond broke. But in reality, after the death of Jeremy Elena turned off her feelings. When she came back to herself after the rupturing of the sire bond, she admitted that her feelings towards Demon were real and she was still in love with Demon Salvatore. 

The series lasts for eight seasons and in season five Damon revealed un dead status of Enzo, his friend in prison and they became friends again.  After breaking up with Elena, Damon made a firm decision to inaugurate his revenging schemes headed for the Whitmore family. When he was in prison was given a poisonous element by Wes Maxfield, which made a reason of form into a sole Augustine Vampire. This toxic compound also made Demon unwell and made him look for the blood of a vampire. Moreover, due to that injection, he could not stop eating in anticipation of his distortion. Ultimately, after, this torture Demon Salvatore was treated by his best friend Enzo, his brother Stefan, and Caroline’s actions. Because of the danger on the other side, Damon forfeited his life to assist his loved ones. As a result, Elena, Stefan, and Alaric got much pain and suffering.

Damon Salvatore’s rule 34 conditions continued…

Now the story of vampire diaries came to season six where Damon and Bonnie are spellbound in the prison world of the year 1993. At the early stage of this episode, Damon supposed it was his hell as they were constantly reliving a moment in his life. This thought of Damon was the most dreadful thing he’d eternally done. On the other side, Bonnie assumed that her grandmother had sent them to this prison and also thought of a flee from there. For their escape to Mystic falls and to kill Kai both of them came mutually work. In this situation of Damon Salvatore’s rule 34, Damon could set up a long-term friendship with Bonnie. By forming a strong bond of determination between them they became able to come out of their past and outline a new togetherness.  

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When Bonnie got the perfect opening to take him back to Mystic falls, his home, hurriedly she took the opportunity. In the beginning, Damon assumed that Bonnie was put to death at the time, but conversely, when he exposed that she was not dead, then he made his strong determination to find a way of carrying her back. When he returned to his home he found that Alaric had obliged Elena to wipe away all memories of Damon and Elena’s love relationship. It was distressful for him and tried to get her back.

Later in the episode, Damon hastily found out about Liz’s sickness and soon after, she died in the hospital right in front of Damon, and he became overwhelmed by this. Then he saw Bonnie, returning to Nova Scotia and retrieving her magical powers. From there Bonnie also collected vampirism heal and helped Demon in restoring his health. Later that cure was handed over to Elena and at the end of the season who later handed it over to Elena Kai put Elena under a sound asleep nuisance and joined it to Bonnie’s survival. Elena remains in ghostly sleep and is in a condition coma until her death of Bonnie. Damon was distressed by this state of action and put Elena inside the coffin and wishes goodbye to her. At the same time Damon’s friend, Bonnie, survived her last days of living. 

Season eight of vampire diaries was heroic and impressive. Bonnie could smash the magic charm on Elena and allows her to get up without killing herself. Because of this enchantment, Damon finds himself reunited with Elena. Now in this situation of Demon Salvatore rule 34, Damon was a human and he got married to Elena Gilbert. Both of them lived together blissfully and got peace in heaven after life. 

Female Characters on the web for Damon Salvatore Rule 34

Women in the life of Demon Salvatore in the series of vampire diaries played a significant role in diverse respects. 

1. Elena Gilbert

She is the woman who was the true love of the Demon’s life. Several people on the web search for the rule 34 version of her. She was their best friend Demon and in each episode, their life turned but their love never faded at the end they married happily together till they found their peace. At first, Demon was introduced to Elena in his home town Mystic falls. Later he spoke to her and also forced her to forget everything about her encounter. 

elena gilbert and damon salvatore

Damon was also seen at his boarding house at the time in search of Stefan. Users can find many videos and photographs of Elena and Demon together on the web that truly states Demon Salvatore’s rule 34.  After several breakups and conflicts between the two, they became friends and lovers because of the outstanding similar nature of both characters. Elena was the fascinating character of the series and also the attraction of Demon all through the seasons of vampire diaries.

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2. Katherine Pierce

Demon met this female character of the series in 1864 when he returned to his hometown Mystic falls. Kat was heartily welcomed by both Salvatore brothers because both of them became besotted with her. She stayed with the two of them for some time and played a double-cross game with Stefan and Demon. As a result, she parted the relationship between the two brothers.  She makes use of impulse to control Stefan, however, Damon did not lose his free will. Both brothers were so passionate about her that she was blind to her threatening deeds. Demon took her blood to make her transform into a vampire, but at times when he got to know that Katherine was killed in the fire of the church, he stopped with this blood transformation. In the first season, Damon confessed that his ill-feeling toward his brother Stefan resulted from his consciousness. Moreover, Katherine the female character of Demon Salvatore rule 34 had deliberated to transform into a vampire. She makes sure that the conflict of their love will last long. 

Katherine Pierce and damon salvatore

Damon spent 145 years in the eagerness for Katherine and trying to make her free, then he realised that she was fake and did not give Damon a second thought. Damon’s love for Katherine was briefly rejuvenated. Once she made it clear that her first option was Stefan then their relationship lasts Stefan was her first option, and their relationship lasted with aggressiveness till they got peace afterlife.  

3. Caroline Forbes

This female character of the series was the wife of Demon’s brother Stefan. Using rule 34 people are also searching this character online for sexy and hot videos and images. There are scenes of her filtration with Stefan Salvatore. Stefan liked Elena but Caroline played with him till the tragedy when Demon and Caroline meet. Earlier she was insecure about the relationship of Demon with Elena, later she was excited to show her companionship with Demon. On the flip side, Demon Salvatore was feeding her and exploiting the opportunity just to collect information and drink her blood for getting enjoyment in life.
Caroline Forbes

At times when Demon made known that Caroline is now a useless personality to him, he tried to kill her. Though, he did not know that Caroline has some kind of substance in her body that forces Demon to lose his desire to save Katherine from the tomb. Their relationship was a terrible break-up.  

Conclusion of rule 34:- 

On the internet Damon Salvatore’s rule, 34 is something that is not appropriate for kids watching. It should be a clean platform because people came here to get some kind of information. In the complete series of vampire diaries, Damon Salvatore never portrayed anything 18+. Still, his fan artists took the scenes to a dissimilar level. The outcome is that at any time on the web there is rule 34 there is adult category of it that same happens with female personalities of the series.  

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