Who is Sherry Dyson?

Sherry Dyson’s Biography:-

Sherry Dyson was a great mathematician and she was famous because of Chris Gardner, who is her husband, and a great businessman. Sherry got married to Chris Gardner in the year of 1977. She was an American Citizen and she started her life as a professional mathematician in America.

We all know Sherry Dyson was famous as Chris Dyson’s ex-wife, but in society, she makes her identity known because of her profession. Sherry Dyson married life or her relationship with her husband (Chris Gardner) was not good. Between Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner, there are lots of things that are happening, which is not good for their life and also for their children. Sherry Dyson’s mother and father got dead when she was 6 years older. After her parent’s death, she started living with her relatives after that she started her schooling.

Sherry Dyson faced lots of hard situations in her life, but after all of that hard times, she chooses her career as a mathematician. Sherry Dyson as a mathematician in her past teaches lots of children in school and college. When she lived her life as a mathematician then, she decided to marry Chris Gardner. After marriage, they both are living happily 9 years of their healthy relationship but in the year 1989, Sherry Dyson divorced Chris Gardner.

Because of lots of misunderstandings and an unhealthy relationship, they got divorced. Sherry did lots of things to make her relationship healthy, Sherry Dyson was already known for some kinds of stories about her husband’s affair, but because of her children, she was helpless. Chris Gardner decided to leave his wife and got married to his student.

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Real NameSherry Dyson
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack
Date of Birth
Birth PlaceVirginia, a Southeastern U.S. State
Zodiac sign/Sun sign
HometownVirginia, USA
SonChristopher Jarrett medina Gardner
DaughterJacintha Darlene
Net Worth
Marriage DateJune 18, 1977
Marital StatusDivorced
Divorce Year1986

Sherry Dyson Family

The family lifestyle of Sherry Dyson is not good, there is lot of tragedy happening in her life. After Sherry Dyson, he has another woman in his life which is not a good sign for their happy married life. Chris Dyson has an extramarital affair with his student and that student’s name is Jackie Medina. Jackie was 10 years older than Chris Gardner which means Jackie was so much younger than Chris Gardner. Jackie got pregnant by Chris Gardner and Chris’s wife Sherry Dyson already gave birth to a child in 1981 and that child’s name is Christopher Jarret. Sherry Dyson and her husband Chris Gardner have already faced lots of conflicts between them, they always did some inappropriate things, so, since of these kinds of activities they aren’t able to handle their relationship and because of these conflicts, Chris got a chance for divorce with his wife Sherry Dyson. After lots of conflicts, they got divorced. Because of a bad marriage life experience. Sherry Dyson faces lots of bad situations in her life.

After bad married life Sherry Dyson decided that she give lots of love to her child because after divorce she loses her hope for a good life but she wants to give lots of care to her child and, again Sherry Dyson began her life as a mathematician and, with this profession she decided that she give lots of care and love to her kids.

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It is a very sad part of her life but without her husband, Sherry Dyson lived her life as a reputed woman because of her profession and she did lots of good things for society. Sherry Dyson can’t live a good life with her husband but our society gives a chance to every person to live their life with their style and Sherry Dyson uses this chance very efficiently she did lots of good things in her life. She always tries to do better in her life but after so much affords she can’t do anything.

Sherry Dyson | Ex-Wife of Chris Gardner

Sherry Dyson is a great woman and a professional mathematician, in her life she does lots of work for society and her own life, there are lots of complications that are happening in her life, but she is a very strong woman. As a woman, Sherry Dyson faces lots of challenges in her life. But as a teacher and as a mathematician she does lots of things for society and people give lots of appreciation for her work. The professional life of Sherry Dyson gives lots of things to her. She archives lots of things in her life. As a woman in our society, Sherry Dyson archives lots of achievements in her life, but her personal life was not given that much love which every woman expects.

Sherry Dyson got married to a businessman who belongs to America and his name is Chris Gardner. Chris Gardner net worth is $70million. He gained lots of profit in his business career. Chris Gardner gives a very good result in his business career and, with all of this, he bought lots of shares of different companies on how to have a good reputation in the stock market. After all, Chris Gardner got married to Sherry Dyson, which is a good thing for him. Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner got married in the year 1977 after marriage they spent lots of years with each other. Sherry Dyson is a great mathematician. She helped her husband in his business and then her husband did great business with each other.

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Sherry Dyson was a mathematician and teaches lots of children in her past and with this profession, she helped her husband’s business which shows you that Sherry Dyson is a great example of a well-settled woman. In Sherry Dyson’s life, there are lots of things that are happening which happen in every normal person’s life. Between Sherry Dyson and her husband something going wrong, they are always trying to make their married life better and good but because of misunderstanding or misconceptions, their happy married life gets ruined and, since of misunderstanding, detachment makes their place between them and after that, they get divorced.

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