Conversion Funnel: What is it and how to optimize it for your business?

Nowadays, you frequently come across the term sales funnel or conversion funnel but it is not unnatural that you don’t have a vivid idea about it. Now, if you are a budding e-commerce entrepreneur, then knowing the basics of the CF might turn out to be quite beneficial for you. 

What is a conversion funnel?

The term or expression CF has specific applications in the field of e-commerce for delineating the voyage that a customer undergoes via a web publicity or search scheme, surfing through an e-commerce site, and ultimately switching into a sale.

Conversion funnel marketing

Now, what is conversion funnel marketing? It is a technique to envisage the stream and switching route of prospective customers into actual or buying customers. These viewers can be created via a range of procedures like content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), paid/sponsored advertisements, social media, as well as cold outreach.  

Conversion funnel optimization: The basics

What is conversion funnel optimization and how can you achieve it? Developing an excellent CF for your e-commerce website is not just enough. You need to optimize it in various ways so that it boosts your financial gains and conversion rates. The entire task would incorporate several techniques comprising the entire design of your website, not only one feature of it. Just get ready to offer a whole package to your customers.

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It is made up of some smaller phases and any one of them would boost your probability of attaining a higher volume of sales through your website.  

Typically, the four phases of the CF are the following: 

  • The landing page of your site (the viewers visit it out of interest)
  • The product page of your website (the viewers take it into account for exploring)
  • The shopping cart of your site (helps them arrive at a decision and check out)
  • The buying page of your site (proves the loyalty/commitment of your customers)

To take advantage of it created for your site, you need to perform optimization of every one of these phases through certain techniques. Given below are some CF optimization techniques that you can implement to boost your business:

1). Drawing customers via various social media channels

This particularly pays off while you are in the interest phase. Marketing is the opening element of the CF and this will help you fetch prospects to your landing page. Using social media will help you generate brand loyalty.

2). Provide free and captivating content on your landing page 

This is specifically useful in the interest phase. Content is king and engaging content about your products and services including blog posts will help bring new readers to your page that will ultimately convert into customers.

3). Utilize social evidence on the product page of your site

While showcasing your products and services, you must exhibit some type of evidence that corroborates that your products/services deserve attention. You can easily perform this by showcasing customer reviews, useful comments, or posts on your product page.

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4). Product page optimization

This comes under the consideration phase. Create short yet eye-grabbing product descriptions. However, they should incorporate certain technical data also. Adding CTA (call-to-action) buttons is a good idea. It will help customers purchase promptly.

5). Optimize your check out system (the shopping cart phase) 

Your website sales funnel will act most judiciously if you use the following techniques:

  • Offer an exit-intent trigger
  • Don’t necessitate registration for buying products
  • Provide rates in native currencies
  • Try to ensure free shipping and returns
  • Create a smartphone-friendly design 

Last but not the least, the success of a conversion funnel will depend on providing a customer loyalty program and endorsing it. 


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