Therap stones and gems have always been used for therapeutic and curative purposes: each of them has in fact beneficial properties capable of acting on a variety of ailments affecting both the physical and emotional spheres. Many of these are also indicated to protect the aura especially of those people who are so sensitive that, like sponges, they absorb and are influenced by the energies of those around them, including the negative ones that can have undesirable effects on them.

Let’s see which stones can help protect our energy field.

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The negative side of empaths

By interacting with other living beings, we constantly come into contact with the energies of others, and even with those of places and environments. Normally we do not notice this exchange, unless there is a strong negative energy that drains ours and makes us feel powerless. Have you ever entered a room and felt “strange” or uncomfortable, or had you spent a few hours with a person and felt tired, with no energy left or no stimulus? In that case you have experienced an energy theft, coming into contact with negative energies that have also affected yours.

There are highly sensitive people, who are defined as empaths: they are those who have the ability to absorb the energies of others just like a sponge absorbs water, every time they come in contact with someone. A highly sensitive person is able to understand what others are feeling, “feel” the emotions of others and experience it as if it were their own experience.

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Not only negative emotions, but also positive ones can influence, and experience them as if they were their own, so much so that they can go from extreme happiness to depression but without knowing the reason.

In other words, an energetic connection is created that risks overwhelming the energy of the sensitive person, who, if he is not able to put barriers between himself and others, can find himself at the mercy of what others feel, without being in control of their emotional life. They also usually can tell when the other is lying or omitting the truth.

Empaths are generally held up as “too good” or “too sensitive”, and for this very reason they can be the preferred target of energy vampires, sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths, who have opposite traits to theirs, but who need the energy. others, and therefore tend to “suck” those of others, above all good humor, serenity and will to live, leaving in exchange exhaustion, confusion, apathy and negative psychological pressure. This is why empaths should never be around an energy vampire.

Stones can help protect the energy sphere and keep the aura intact, so that other people’s emotions can’t knock us out.

5 stones to protect our energy

In addition to having a protective purpose, many stones can help us stay centered and with our feet firmly on the ground, so that it is more difficult to suck up the energy.

They can be worn, carried in a bag or kept in a pocket, so that they protect us wherever we are, or kept at home, to rebalance the energies of the environments in which we spend most of our time.

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Let’s see which are the most suitable.

1. Black Tourmaline

This opaque black stone is among the most powerful to protect against negative and destructive energies: it is able, in fact, to cleanse the energy and promote a more positive energy. But not only that, because it eliminates negative energies from the owner or wearer and returns them to the owner of these energies.

It is also a useful stone for strengthening the connection with Mother Earth and for activating the root chakra, Muladhara, eliminating stagnant energies and energy blocks that promote anxiety, fear and stress. At the same time, by acting on the first chakra, it helps to radicalize one’s energy. Those who suffer from internal conflicts and torments should keep a tourmaline close: it also helps to untie emotional knots, which often steal energy and life force.

It is also useful to keep indoors, placing it near computers, televisions and other electronic tools, as it creates a protective shield against electromagnetic waves.


2. Quartz

One of the best known stones is undoubtedly quartz, of which there are versions in different colors: smoky, pink, citrine .. Benefits for protection from negative energies are quartz crystal, rose quartz and smoky quartz. .

The quartz crystal – with a crystalline structure – is able to absorb, release and regulate the energy flow. It resonates with all chakras, but is especially beneficial on the last two higher.

This crystal, among the most abundant on the earth’s crust is also called “master healer” because it is able to amplify energies and thoughts, favoring inner balance. It is able to disperse negative energy, as well as negative thoughts, while encouraging positive ones instead.

Even the smoky quartz acts as protector of the psyche, capable of dissolving negative energies caused by negative emotions such as anger, resentment and fear.

It is also useful to protect us from the emission of radiation and electromagnetic pollution.

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Rose quartz,finally, is known as the stone of universal love, can help restore trust and harmony in relationships, fostering unconditional love. The characteristic of this stone is to open the heart to love, friendship, and to feelings of brotherhood and peace.

It acts on the heart chakra and is able to attract love and at the same time heal the wounds of relationships that have ended badly: worn at the heart it helps to eliminate the negative energies and emotions that can be deposited in the bottom of the heart.

3. Moonstone

With a milky white color with shades of deep blue, gold or even violet, the moonstone is the feminine stone par excellence. Considered a sacred gem, it is ideal for starting new beginnings: it gives strength and helps inner growth.

It is able to relieve inner instability, due to stress and negative thoughts, favoring luck, success and love in their place.

It is considered a lucky charm for travelers and also the stone of lovers, able to have a beneficial influence to develop feminine energy.

4. Hematite

Another stone with a black but shiny color, hematite has a great content of iron inside and does not work like other stones for protection. In fact, it does not limit itself to absorbing negative energies, but creates a protective shield around the wearer’s body, so that any negative emotions cannot contaminate it. Thanks to the iron content, it is one of the most effective stones for how much they need to root and stay centered.

It is considered the stone of the mind: it is suitable for those who are impulsive, are easily distracted and are particularly sensitive to the comments and criticisms of others

5. Amethyst

The stone with a violet color that favors contact with one’s own spirituality, has high energy frequencies which help cleanse the aura and chakras, purifying the person wearing it and removing negative energies.

It acts as a natural stress reliever, as it is able to promote relaxation and even spiritual growth.

It protects from negative energies and at the same time attracts positive ones. Neutralizes the energies of the environment and promotes inner balance and harmony.

It is particularly beneficial for those who are in contact with people with health disorders, such as practitioners or doctors, as it helps them protect their energy field from low frequency energies, such as those created by disease.


Good luck with these crystals and their protective qualities.


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