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If you love the Australian shepherd, then you know how intelligent, loyal, and incredibly affectionate it is. Having one as a part of your family can be a huge blessing especially if you suffer from loneliness. 

Besides feeding and grooming them, the Aussies require maximum training and attention to thrive. From hiking, strolling, swimming to playing fetch, this animal is naturally hyperactive. 

They also make perfect cuddle buddle and are very territorial. The best part is some agencies employ these pups as actors and models which can earn you money. 

With this said, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Australia Shepherd dog breed as you get to know much about them.

This extremely intelligent and hardworking hound can be an ideal family pet as long as you keep it active. 

It is also known to be very protective and affectionate with its owner and with a little socializing, it can do well around strangers as well. Likewise, the Australian shepherd enjoys the company of small children and tends to socialize with other animals too. 

Nevertheless, be ready to give it vigorous exercises as boredom can lead to excessive barking and destructive behavior.

  • Does the Australian shepherd shed a lot?

Yes. This breed sheds a lot throughout the year, but with occasional brushing and trimming, you can manage the shedding. 

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The shedding accelerates during spring to eliminate the winter coating. The more they shed the more often you should brush them. Experts recommend brushing the coat at least once per week and daily for heavy shedders. 

Make sure to use dog fur shampoo and water to detangle the hair before combing it. You can also consider the under-coat rack to remove excess hair.

  • Are Australian Shepherds aggressive?

This animal is naturally affectionate and non-aggressive. They are also obedient and social. You can even tag it along when shopping and have it help with your grocery bag. They are also good sports partners which explain why they thrive in major dog sports. 

Nevertheless, they do have a natural herding instinct so you may notice their bossy behavior around smaller pets. They are also associated with nipping, especially when bored. 

Still, with sufficient training and play at the puppy stage, this behavior can be corrected. See this link to read more

  • Do Australian Shepherds like to cuddle?

If you are looking for a hardworking hound that you can also snuggle with, then the Aussie may be the right pick. 

Typically, these hounds enjoy cuddling with their owners or other family members within the same household. They easily get attached and can be very stubborn. 

They also demand undivided attention so you must be willing to give them constant eye contact. Nevertheless, they may not be so physically affectionate with unfamiliar faces. 

  • Which is better male or female Australian shepherd?

The main noticeable difference between the two genders is their attitude. The boys are more playful and affectionate, unlike the girls. Males also tend to be clingier and may demand having their owner around often. Plus, they are more protective and reliable. 


They can also be very noisy and it’s common to see them fight over territory. On the other hand, the girls are more composed and sensitive. Their high maturity levels make it easier to deal with their personality and they can be very organized. 

As the females grow older, they tend to be quieter and more reserved. Generally, the type of gender you choose depends mainly on your taste and preference.

  • Can Australian shepherds be left alone?

The Australian Shepherd is naturally clingy and doesn’t do well with loneliness. They will tend to follow you around just to be next to you. 

They demand a lot of physical contact. While you can still leave them alone for about four to six hours, Precaution measures like crate training are necessary. 

Likewise, they thrive best by being active and getting their paws busy. Lack of sufficient company may lead to extreme cases of separation anxiety.

  • How do you punish an Australian shepherd?

Aussies learn from experimenting. They never know when to stop doing something unless they are told not to. This is why training them is important. 

For instance, if they bite you playfully you can correct this behavior by telling them to stop. Distancing yourself from them at this point can also help them know they did wrong. 

However, don’t forget to reward it with a treat or a belly rub when they do something positive. This encourages them to behave better.

  • What job can I give my Australian shepherd?

As mentioned, these poaches excel in agility and obedience which makes them trainable. Besides herding livestock, the Australian shepherd can also work as police dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, border patrol dogs, search and rescue dogs, and explosive detection dogs. Plus, they can also make wonderful companions. Click here to read more.

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Getting the right family pet that fits your family’s needs can be challenging. However, with the right knowledge and understanding of the various breeds available and their traits you can easily find one. Training your pup from an early age is also an essential part of care. Not only does this eliminate bad behavior but it also improves the relationship between you and your pet. Aussies for instance, are smart and always ready to learn new tricks which makes them an easy breed to train. Their personality is also admirable and can easily adapt to different environments.


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