Dog Breed

There is no doubt about it; a dog is man’s best friend. They have been with us for centuries, possibly even millennia, and they are one of the US’s most popular pets.

Choosing a dog breed for your family is a big decision, and you will want to make the right one. Here is a guide to help you choose your next dog breed.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Dog Breed

The first thing you should consider is why you want a dog in the first place. 

If it’s for companionship, your needs will be different from those of someone who wants a service dog for physical assistance. 

If the latter is what you have in mind, be sure that the dog’s given dimensions and potential size will be enough for it to do its job and keep up with your lifestyle.

Which Breed Is Best?

It’s a difficult question to answer with one specific breed as a lot depends on your lifestyle. A dog’s need for exercise is one of the most important factors when considering a breed.

If you’re looking for a pet, you are going to need a breed that is highly adaptable to your lifestyle and will not require large amounts of exercise. 

If you intend on obedience training, consider what the breed was bred for – terriers are good at hunting other animals and small game but aren’t particularly easy to train as pets in comparison to other breeds.

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Manchester Terrier

These medium-sized black and tan dogs are fairly rare in their native UK but gaining popularity in the US and are sometimes known as the American black and tan terrier.

They are fiercely loyal to their family but traditionally nervous about other non-family people. They are sun-loving dogs who also love to snuggle under a blanket, so make sure you have plenty of pet friendly fabrics to give your Mannie the best life.

English Pointer

The English Pointer is a relatively new breed that is rapidly gaining popularity.

This dog was originally bred in the UK to hunt foxes and rabbits but to also work with other dogs and flush out birds as well. 

They are highly intelligent, easy to train, and fairly lively. Additionally, they have a very good temperament which makes them popular as pets and family dogs.

German Shepherd

The German shepherd is a large, strong dog that has been used for centuries to help people.

Because of this, it has a generally good temperament, although there are some that have issues with barking. They are very trainable and highly intelligent as a breed but can be sensitive to teasing. 

This means that they may be more suited to homes where children have been taught how to treat dogs properly.

Golden Retriever

The golden retriever comes in two distinct varieties: the American Kennel Club standard golden retriever and the more recent golden Labrador retriever.

Both are very similar dogs and were originally bred to retrieve waterfowl for hunters. They are friendly and playful but can be sensitive to training.