7 Amazing Ways To Keep Your Pets Active In Summers

People look forward to summer because it helps them enjoy some time outdoors since the weather is generally favorable. However, it can be challenging for pets, especially when the weather decides to be very hot. Even so, keeping the pets active is one of the priorities that every pet owner should consider. All it takes is identifying a few activities that the pet will enjoy.

Choose activities that will not exhaust the animal too much, and ensure that they will enjoy it. Below are unique suggestions that could work, from getting a kiddie pool to a dog day care centre, like KIP in Sydney.

1. Get a Kiddie Pool

Temperatures in summer are going to be higher than usual. This means that your pet will feel the difference and even show signs of being overwhelmed. They are likely to drag themselves and feel lazy due to the high temperatures. Fortunately, you can always do something about it by getting them a pool. Include a few summer dog toys for your pups.

In case you cannot buy a kiddie pool for your favorite dogs, consider taking them to the nearest pools around you. There is a high possibility that most pet-friendly areas will have some of this pool strategically positioned for pets that need to play in the water.

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2. Keep Playing

If your dog loves to go on long walks, summer should also be an opportunity to do it more. Choose days or afternoons that the sun is not very hot or scorching to avoid dehydration. Consider going to parks with water points and sheds for your pets, just if there is a need to rehydrate.

Keep playing fetch to get in some exercise for your pet. The only golden rule is to bring a lot of water with you, especially if you are unsure about the availability of watering points. Such games will ensure your pet stays active and agile all through the season.

3. Use a Treadmill

Just because the weather outdoors is unbearable does not mean that you allow your pet to get lazy and bored. Please find a way to get it on the treadmill, preferably inside your home gym. Ensure the gym room is adequately ventilated and that the AC is on to provide the cool air you both need when working out.

Choose to work out in the early hours of the morning or late evenings. The idea is to utilize hours when the temperature is favorably decent and avoid hours when the sun is scorching from 10 am to 3 pm.

4. Play Sprinklers

Dogs are generally playful. It can be challenging to find suitable games in summer, especially during the sweltering hours of the day. However, creative pet owners will always figure things out when they put their minds to it. Come up with a gaming idea that will keep the pups moving and at the same time ensure they are safe and cool.

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Using sprinklers to achieve this is an excellent idea. You can have the dogs play fetch or catch a ball in the field with running sprinklers. They get to enjoy the cold water as they run to get the ball.

5. Consider a Short Hike on Favorable Days

If you are fortunate enough to have a strong dog, then hiking is an excellent option. However, before taking such a trip in summer, make sure to understand that specific day’s weather pattern and behavior. In addition to that, select a spot that will be favorable to you and the dog.

Generally, go for spots with a lot of water and shades just if you need to rest under one. Considering that this is summertime, make sure you make the trip short. You can choose to go to the nearest waterfall or hilly area and make it back home safely. Timing also matters since you will be walking most of the time.

6. Take Your Pup Shopping with You

Sometimes thinking of an exercise idea or activity that your puppy can enjoy with you in summer can be difficult. You may not go with it to the beach every day since this can be exhausting to the pet due to the scorching sun. However, short shopping trips are excellent ideas, especially if you know the stores you will be visiting are pet-friendly. You must note that you should never leave your pet in the car since the car gets too hot during summer.

7. Take your Pup to Doggie Care Centers

These are specialized daycare centers that are ideally suited for your dogs. In most cases, the experts have the skills needed to keep your dogs happy and moving regardless of the season. If you are running errands, or need to be out of the house, consider taking your dog to such a place where it will be attended to.

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Note that most caregivers are specialists who develop activities to keep your dog and pets engaged. What’s more, they ensure the temperatures are well regulated and that your pet’s comfort is a priority before anything else.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your puppy engaged all through summer is crucial. Find out which activities they can safely participate in without suffering from heat waves or any medical emergencies.


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