How to Shop for an engagement ring

Getting engaged is a big milestone in your life and it should be celebrated. The beautiful journey you and your partner are about to embark upon should be commemorated with the perfect sparkle. The start of the event is the ring and picking one out with your partner is always better than disappointing them. Do your research and check solitaire jewellery with your partner for a perfect start to your new life.

Here are some pointers that may help you while picking out the ring.

1. The Shape of the ring –

If you are clear about what you want in terms of diamond shape, that helps focus on the engagement ring hunt immensely. Every cut and clarity are shaped differently. Round cuts are usually more expensive than pear and marquis. If the size is more important to you, you can get more carats at a better price when you choose something other than a round cut. Jewellers will try to suggest the ideal way to get what you want in your budget if you wish to buy a solitaire diamond ring.

2. Metal for the band –

Traditional rings are usually made from gold and diamonds. You and your partner can pick rings that are suitable for you. Platinum is more expensive than gold but it is also rarer and sturdier. Some metals scratch more than others and that might affect the price as well. If you wish to embed stones in the ring, you should also consider the strength of the metal.

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3. Measure yourself –

Although a basic thing to do while setting out to buy rings for yourself, it is important to measure the size of the ring correctly. Purchasing a ring well in advance is wise as your size may not be readily available and custom-making rings take a long time.

4. Certification –

While buying an engagement ring, it is essential to buy it from a trustworthy shop. You should get a certificate authenticating the diamonds on your ring. It should clearly state the number of diamonds along with the cut and clarity along with a detailed photo of the ring. It is important to ensure that the Jewellery is priced by an accredited laboratory. Diamonds certified by untrustworthy labs give out inflated rates. They give the customer the illusion of a good deal when in reality they’ve gotten a lower quality diamond.

5. To be or not to be trendy –

A lot of research is required before you make this monumental purchase and you need not get caught up in whether the ring you have picked out is trendy or not. The ring is a symbol of your love and commitment to each other. It is best to invest in a ring that will make you and your partner happy. The design should be something your partner feels comfortable sporting.

6. Unique rings –

Don’t be hesitant to try something out of the box. As long as your partner likes the ring, it shouldn’t matter. Rings with stones of different colours are available to make the ring more special and make your partner feel exclusive.

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The most important thing to remember is that it is not about the design or the price. An engagement ring is a promise you make to each other.