Fly Rugs for Horses

Mosquitoes, flies, and other biting insects can be more than a nuisance during the spring and summer months. They can spread infections such as West Nile Virus (WNV) and Eastern Equine Encephalitis, in addition to their severe bites (EEE).

Fly rugs are one of the best-kept mysteries of fly prevention and midsummer comfort. These breathable, lightweight rugs allow your pony to enjoy time in the field without being bothered by mosquitoes. The multipurpose fly sheet not only protects you against mosquitoes as well as other biting insects, but it also accomplishes a lot more! Continue reading to find out how fly rugs for horses might help your pony.

Get Rid of Bugs

A fly rug is a tangible barrier that separates your horse from the insects. Because flies find it difficult to bite through the fabric, this keeps flies from attacking your horse. Furthermore, the fly sheet’s movement discourages bugs from resting on the pony in the first place.

Additional repellent methods are incorporated directly into some fly sheets. A different type of defense is used by other rugs. If your horse is allergic to fly sprays, spray the rug first and let it dry before putting it on your pony. It enables your horse to get the benefits of fly repellant while lowering the risk of skin irritation.

A Day in the Sun

Say goodbye to sunburns and ugly sunbleached clothing. Most fly rugs and waterproof fly rugs are made of textiles that provide UPF protection. These textiles assist in keeping your horse show ring ready even during competition season by reflecting sunlight and combating sun-bleached coats in dark horses.

Sun bleaching may not be quite as noticeable in light-coated ponies, but they are nonetheless exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. A fly rug can protect you from skin damage and skin cancer. Pink-skinned horses are more susceptible to unpleasant sun damage and equine melanoma.

Think about buying a rug that stretches up the horse’s neck for optimal covering if you’re using horse rugs in the UK for UV protection.

Feeling good in your own skin

Summer may be rough on your horse’s coat. Add some annoying flies to the mix, and you’ve got a mess on your hands. If your horse’s reaction to bug bites is severe, such as huge red marks or oozing sores, this could actually attract more insects to the affected regions. Using a fly rug protects inflamed skin and allows it to recover naturally without insects laying eggs or somehow bothering the region.

Bug bites affect some horses’ stomachs and, in the case of geldings and stallions, the sheath area. Bites in these places are frequently infectious, and they can endure for the entire fly season. Look for rugs with broad tummy bands to cover the fragile belly tissues of these ponies.

While on the move

When you go for a ride, you don’t have to forego the pleasures of your horse’s fly rug. There are a variety of fly rugs that were made expressly for use when riding. These sheets are ideal for trail riding and hacking your horse, allowing you to concentrate on your ride rather than the bugs.

These ingenious rugs don’t restrict your horse’s movement and allow for proper communication between rider and horse.

The Bottom Line

Use fly rugs this summer to cover your horse from all sides. Let your pony live out his days in the pasture by keeping the bugs at bay. Fly rugs are a simple solution to severe difficulties for so many equestrians, as they protect against pests, the sun, and itchiness.