Choosing the Plain Browband

Are you struggling to choose the perfect browband for your horse? Selecting the perfect browband for your horse is just as important as regular medical checkups because if the browband is non-fitted, then it can cause harm to the horse. There are endless options to choose from. When it comes to selecting something functional, stylish, and cost-effective, then there is no question that equestrians are spoiled for choice. 

When you go buying a plain browband for your horse, there are various things to consider. Some of them are discussed below:

Choose the Right Size & Width

Various horses are competing in browbands that are far too large and small for them, disintegrating the overall look. When you buy the plain browband, make sure that the browband is large enough to be perfect for your horse. Check that the browband fits under the base of the ear and does not touch the muscle at the bottom of the ear. It makes the ear look of the horse crowded, but it is important for the comfort of your horse.

Various widths of browbands are available in the market, and your options should be taking the space between the top of the horse’s eye and the base of the ear. Some horses have a lot of space, and others have less space. Keep in mind this thing when choosing the width of the browband.

Choose the Right Color

Choosing the colour for the plain browband is dependent on the level of competition you are at. On the official level, frequently don’t drift far from a combination of colours that are traditional like white, blue, and red. With fashion, of course, colours come and go but when selecting a combination of colours, choose something that will stick out against the skin colour of your horse. Make sure the colour coordinates with the horse. Choose those colours that make an overall horse look bold and close to each other.

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If you have a budget and want to overspend, choose something you truly want and proudly show off for years to come. As everyone knows, good quality runs for a long time. If you have a low budget and want to buy the highest quality, invest in plain leather browbands because they are cost-effective.

We hope these tips, as mentioned above, have helped to narrow down your browband search! With the help of these tips, you should be able to find the best browband for your horse. Take your time & happy buying!


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