Uninsured Driver In Seattle

If a careless driver injures you or a family member in an accident, you’ll need funds to cover medical expenses, loss of income, damage to property, and physical harm. If you wish to discover your legal options after being in a crash, the personal injury lawyers at The Walthew Law Firm are always ready to help. Listed below are a few essential things to keep in mind if you get into a situation like this.

  1. Call the police immediately: Even in low-impact accidents, it is essential to contact the police and file an accident report. This report will assist your lawyer in establishing liability and in negotiating with the insurance company. It would help if you did not move any vehicles until the police arrived to examine the accident scene properly and complete an accident report.
  2. Obtain the driver’s contact details: Finding the contact and license information of the driver is essential even if they are not insured. Your insurance may cover some losses, but not all of them.  The insurance company may need this information to show that the driver at fault is not insured. You would not qualify for uninsured driver compensation without all of this information. 
  3. Contact your Insurance Company: To start the settlement process, you should contact your insurance company. Regardless of who caused the accident, your insurance provider will not raise your premium. When you have a claim involving an uninsured driver, your agent can review your policy to see what type of coverage you have.
  4. Speak to an attorney: In many cases, you may only get a fraction of what you need from insurance companies. It would be best if you spoke with a lawyer as soon as possible to prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of you. Even if an incident seems clear and straightforward, UIM/UM claims can be challenging. It is not easy to make a claim when dealing with your insurance company. Insurance companies are there to protect their shareholders’ interests and minimize their liability exposure. Therefore, they don’t put your accident and injuries as a top priority. It is in your best interest to consult with an attorney right from the start.
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The actions you take right away after an accident with an uninsured driver could have an enormous difference in your ability to receive the compensation you’re entitled to receive.

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