New Pet Tips

If you’ve just adopted a new pet, congratulations! You’ve set out on a fantastic adventure that may bring you great enjoyment. But there will likely be a few bumps in the road along the way. New pets need time to settle in, and new pet owners must adapt to having a little furry friend around. You can smooth out the journey for both of you, though, if you follow a few simple tips.

Research Everything

Even before you get your new pet, do your research. This will save you a lot of scrambling. Learn exactly what your new pet will need to be happy. Study cat or dog behavior. Read about food choices and training methods. Print out a list of pet supplies. Find a good veterinarian. You should have a full stock of information at your fingertips even before your pet comes home.

Granted, new pets come with plenty of surprises, and there will be times when your information stash completely fails you. In that case, you should at least know where to look for help, whether that is a trusted website, a book, or your veterinarian. You may, for instance, have to discover how to stop puppy biting issues or cat-scratching problems. You’ll find yourself less stressed the more information you have.

Create a Pet-Friendly Space

New pets are bound to be nervous in their new surroundings. Dogs may whimper a bit. Cats may hide. So you should create a space that is as comfortable and pet friendly as possible so that your furry friend can learn how to relax. Start in one room so that your pet won’t feel overwhelmed having to explore the whole house. Add a cozy bed, your pet’s food and water, and some toys. Put in a litter box for a cat.

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When you bring your pet home, allow it to explore the room. Sit with your pet, offering plenty of attention and play. Your pet will probably start feeling comfortable quite soon. Over the next few days, you can introduce your pet to the rest of the house, gradually if necessary. But always make sure the room is available as a safe space.

Get Plenty of Advice

If you’ve never had a pet before or if it has been a while, be sure you have some good sources of advice. Your veterinarian stands at the top of the list here. Before you bring your pet home, find a good veterinarian that you can rely on for help. Read reviews, and ask friends for recommendations. Your pet-owning friends and relatives are another good source of advice although be aware that they might give conflicting recommendations at times. Let your veterinarian settle disputes. You can even find a good online forum for pet owners and ask questions there if necessary.

Train Your Pet

You must train your new pet. Be aware right away that this will be a challenging endeavor that will take time and perseverance. But stick with it, especially if you want a well-behaved animal that is pleasant company. Your initial research should include tips on training. Get started right away. For a dog, you might consider obedience classes with a dog trainer. For a cat, use plenty of positive reinforcement, and be very, very patient.

Be Patient

In fact, you are going to need to be patient with a new pet no matter what. The adjustment and training periods may take a while, and you may often find yourself frustrated. At those times, take a step back, and put your pet into its room for a while. You can start over after a little break.

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A pet can be a wonderful companion for you and your family. You’ll have hours of enjoyment playing and snuggling with your pet. But during those first few days and weeks, you should be ready for some challenges. Follow these tips to smooth out the new pet adventure so that you and your pet can get to know and love each other.


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