7 Tips for Raising a Happy, Well-Behaved Cat

When most people think of cats, they don’t necessarily think of teaching good behavior; after all, cats aren’t exactly as easy to train as dogs. 

However, there are many tricks to keep your cat from being a bad boy or girl. Some are pretty obvious, like teach him not to scratch furniture or hissing at people walking by, while others may be a little more subtle. 

All of these tips will make your life easier and your cat’s life better. 

Try to Reward Good Behavior

Just like dogs, cats like to know when they’re doing the right thing. So, reward with treats or a little fuss when they’ve been good, but don’t punish too harshly when they haven’t been good.

One place you’ll definitely have to reward good behavior is the vet. Unfortunately, cats don’t traditionally like going to the vet, and if you’ve ever seen a cat get vaccinated, you’ll understand why. It’s not pleasant!

To spend time making your cat comfortable at the vet, contact easyvet.com for some advice on cat-friendly vets near you.

Be Strict About the Routine

Keeping your cat on a schedule will make her more attentive and less likely to want to do something she shouldn’t. 

Not only does a schedule make a cat more likely to behave, but it also keeps her happy. This is because cats are creatures of habit, and they like knowing what to expect from the day. 

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Try taking your cat for a walk or playtime in the morning.

Try Teaching Your Cat Tricks

Just like dogs, cats can be taught tricks and basic commands. It may take longer than it would with a dog, but the payoff will be worth it.

Some very easy tricks to teach your cat are giving your hand a gentle “shove” or touching paws like a high five.

Pick one trick and work with it for several days. Then, don’t move on to other tricks until your cat has mastered this one.

Invest In Toys!

Have a plethora of toys for your cat to play with, especially ones made from catnip. 

However, you should not let your cat play with toys all day long – it can become annoying for others that have to deal with your cat’s antics all day long if they aren’t going to become discouraged and stop playing with their toys! 

Make sure the toys are appropriate for your cat

Playing with a toy that’s too large or too small will damage him/her, so pay attention to the size of the toys. If something seems too big, don’t let them play with it.

Give Your Cat Plenty Of Love

Cats love their owners, and they need the love to be happy too. In other words, don’t expect your cat to behave if he doesn’t feel loved.

While the question of whether cats can feel love or not is a hot debate, there’s no doubt that a cat sees its owner as a source of food and security, and most cat people strongly believe they do feel love and give love in their own way.

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Avoid Punishment

Don’t punish your cat when they’ve done something wrong. They can be very sensitive, so they often take punishment much worse than it may seem.



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