How to build offshore website?

One of the best ways to protect your assets in the modern world is to internationalize those assets. This allows you to reduce the risks of bankruptcy of governments, aggression from creditors, greedy spouses for money and blood. Nowadays offshore website development is rather popular.

The concept of the Five Flags Theory is based on living, banking and investing in countries around the world. It diversifies risk and legally get rid of unnecessary taxation. Each flag is a kind of diversification. A second passport, official residence, vacation spots, business location, storage of earned and accumulated funds.

However, in today’s world, there is one much-needed flag that is sometimes forgotten: the flag on the Internet.

When the Five Flags Theory (originally the Three Flags Theory) was invented, the Internet did not exist yet. Today, governments around the world are trying to censor and suppress free speech online. Therefore, a new stage appears – the Theory of Six Flags, the list of which includes the Internet.

If you are online, it is very important for you to internationalize your email and website.

By the way, you may not have known that domains (site names) ending in .com, .net, .org or .us are subject to US law wherever you are. The US government has stated that no domain name is immune to confiscation, so less standard domains like, .de, or and others may be better for you.

Choosing a hosting

However, the hosting location (physical location of the server and software) of the website also plays a big role. When hosting in the United States, be prepared to shut down your site at the slightest suspicion of an offense. In addition, despite the stability of the work, the prices here are very, very biting.

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Among other things, according to the outdated but still valid state of affairs, your server will be taxed according to its location. And although there is now a debate about this, it is still worth understanding that taxes for online businesses. It can be collected where the server is located. Even if the money itself comes from the other side of the planet.

There are many offshore hosting centers out there. Of course, specialists from various companies and offices are constantly researching and comparing the services of various providers. And share their opinions with us.

Why do you need a website for an offshore company?

First, it is worth deciding what the site is for. It’s first important question to be decided. Today the site is a multifunctional tool that is necessary for the effective functioning of a business. Especially if it is somehow connected with the Internet and remote services.

The site for an offshore company can be used for the following purposes:

  • Attract customers – they find you themselves through a search or you organize an advertising campaign;
  • Inform the client about your services. People prefer to understand what you offer them. And a website with a detailed description plays an important role;
  • Selling services and goods. Thanks to modern technologies, customers do not have to come to a real store or office. Because everything can be done via the Internet;
  • Prove your worth and real presence. If your offshore company is located in Luxembourg, like the website, then this is a strong proof of the reality of your business. In other words, it is not a shell company for tax breaks, but an operating business that is growing.
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And most importantly, one site is capable of all these functions at the same time, if created by experienced developers.

Offshore hosting and opportunities

As for how much does it cost for a professional website, it’s always individual question. There are many other offshore VPS hosts and services for those webmasters who understand the value of protecting anonymity and privacy. It is important to find not only those that are offshore, but also act as offshore.


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