What To Do If You Have Been Involved in an Auto Accident_

Auto accidents can produce serious injuries, and if the accidents involved multiple cars there could be more than one accountable driver. Under the circumstances, several laws could apply to the case, and more than one driver will need to file an insurance claim in Texas. Any violation of auto liability insurance laws could also increase penalties for at-fault drivers. 

Report the Accident

Regardless of how many other cars are involved in the accident, it is critical to contact law enforcement to record the accident. In a multiple car accident, there are too many factors that could indicate more than one accountable driver, and it is recommended that drivers provide the officers with as much information as possible. In these accidents, some drivers may flee the scene.

If possible someone should get the tag number along with the make and model of the vehicle and provide the information to law enforcement. Fleeing the scene of an accident is a crime, and if the traffic cameras didn’t capture footage of the accident, the case rests in the hands of witnesses that saw the accident. If you have been involved in multiple car accidents, you can get help from Millar Law Firm now. 

The Accountable Driver’s Information

A common mistake that many victims make is assuming that all drivers are honorable and will provide insurance information after the fact. It is up to each victim to get the auto insurance information from each accountable driver, and they need this information to report the accident to the driver’s insurance carrier.

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The path of the auto accident determines who hit what car and who is responsible for the damages. The accident report reflects these facts, but it will not provide auto insurance details. 

Seek Emergency Treatment Anyway

Even if the victim doesn’t believe they have any injuries, it is vital for them to seek emergency treatment anyway. After an auto accident, the body could have higher than average adrenaline or cortisol levels, and the victim may not realize they have injuries until many hours or days after the accident. By getting medical treatment, they can get at least an evaluation, and it is covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance if the victim collects the information. 

If the victim needs to file a legal claim, they will need medical evidence to show that they sustained injuries during the auto accident. By getting emergency treatment, they gather this evidence for their claim. 

What Victims Need for a Legal Claim

First, the victims should try to file a claim through the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier to collect payment for their medical expenses and auto repair costs. If the accountable driver doesn’t have auto insurance, a legal claim is the only way to collect. 

The claimant needs medical records for all injuries sustained in the accident. They need at least three estimates for auto repair costs for their vehicle. If they lost any wages due to their accident injuries, they need a financial statement from their employer showing the exact amount. 

Auto accidents involving more than two vehicles require law enforcement to sort out. The officers can communicate with all parties involved and determine who caused the accident and who must pay for medical treatment and auto repair costs. By reviewing laws related to multiple car accidents, claimants learn where to start and how to proceed in their case. 

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