5 Jobs You Can Do with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Wondering where you can go with a Bachelor’s in Psychology? You might be thinking that you need to have a graduate degree in order to get anywhere in the field, but that is not entirely true. 

There are many bachelors in psychology jobs out there. It is all a matter of figuring out where your specialty lies and how you wish to apply your knowledge and skills.

Here are five of the top jobs that students with bachelor’s degrees in Psychology tend to pursue.

1. Corrections Officer

A degree in Psychology will make you well-qualified for a career as a corrections officer. As a parole or probation officer, you work up close and personal with convicted criminals. 

Not only do you track their behaviors and closely monitor them, but you also get to make recommendations to the court regarding sentencing and get to coordinate with other therapists and professionals handling their cases.

2. Laboratory/Research Assistant

A career as a laboratory or research assistant is wonderfully suited to a student pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, placing emphasis on research and design. 

Experimental psychology requires skilled lab technicians and researchers to help advance the field of psychology itself. University Psychology departments, government agencies, and private sector businesses often look for employees who have backgrounds in research and design.

3. Social Services Specialist

If you are going for a Bachelor of Art in Psychology and are thinking of adding a minor, give some thought to social work. 

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Social services jobs are everywhere, and they tend to look for either a Bachelor’s in Psychology or Social Work for entry-level employees. Your best bet is to combine these two paths while doing your online coursework. 

Many Psychology students pick up Social Work minors and cultivate careers in social services even before they graduate.

4. Rehabilitation Specialist

Reintegrating people into society is at the core of being a rehabilitation specialist. Physical and emotional disabilities can be difficult to overcome, but students with Psychology degrees are great candidates for these roles. 

These jobs do often require a Master’s degree, but some are looking for Bachelor’s degree-holders to fulfill their entry-level positions. Some of them even prefer hiring people who have personal experience with physical or emotional disabilities.

5. Sales Representative

You might not automatically link work in sales with a Psychology degree. But, the truth is, sales and psychology are heavily intertwined. 

Employers in this particular field are looking for candidates who are able to effectively communicate with a diverse array of people. Psychology students develop advanced interpersonal communication skills that are necessary for successful careers in sales. 

Top sales reps need to have a thorough understanding of human behavior, which is something that a Bachelor’s in Psychology will teach.

Do not assume that a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology will get you only a few job opportunities. There are many employers who are looking for candidates with this degree because they hold advanced communication skills and comprehend human behavior and thought. 

A Master’s or doctoral degree in Psychology is helpful but not always a requirement. Wherever your career takes you, an online degree in Psychology can help you help others.

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