Which Approach to Learning Recovery is More Popular: Remediation or Tutoring?

Many factors can cause learning loss among students. When this happens, they find it challenging to catch up to learning new concepts and ideas as quickly as expected. Schools have found two ways to approach this, and that is through tutoring and remediation. To understand these concepts better, read on.

On Tutoring

Tutoring is an individualized learning strategy which involves one-on-one learning between a student or a small group of students and a tutor. A student needing help keeping up with a specific subject can benefit from this learning approach since a tutor can focus on working on the student’s problem areas heads on.

Tutoring has various benefits. A student can take charge of their schoolwork with the help of a tutor. They will also learn to control how fast they learn. Tutoring will boost a student’s self-esteem and confidence since it will give them access to tools and skills needed to do well in school. And if the student is uncomfortable asking questions in front of their classmates at school, tutoring will teach your child that it’s okay to ask questions, no matter how big or small, without feeling embarrassed.

With the said benefits, tutoring may seem like the preferred learning recovery approach, especially since it is even considered an age-old practice. Students, however, will need to put in additional time outside of class time to study and complete assignments. It is time-consuming for some people and costly since parents would have to pay for their tutoring needs on top of their current studies. It can also take time from the student’s extracurricular endeavors and other recreational activities outside the walls of their classrooms.

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On Remediation

Learning deficiencies may be addressed via the remediation approach. Students who struggle in school consistently, have significant academic delays, or have learning difficulties may get remediation.

Students performing below the needed academic level might do so via remediation. Remediation employs a customized approach based on the individual’s preferred learning approach. The corrective treatments are very well organized, and a particular focus will be placed on encouraging and guiding your kid as they work to improve their self-confidence.

The primary goal of remediation is to assist children in “catching up” to their classmates and, as a result, avoiding further academic difficulties. When students fall behind, a divide develops between their skill level and that of their classmates. Through remediation, the gaps between those falling behind and those on track further widen and will pose challenges along the way.

The student meets with the remediation instructor daily for 30 minutes to an hour. These meetings are conducted during regular class time and are not a burden for students with extracurricular activities and other after-school activities.

Although remediation may sound promising, it still has its downsides. Many remedial programs are unsuccessful in producing results that are any better than those that would have been obtained if the student had remained in the class. One possible explanation for this is that students in remedial courses often engage in previously unsuccessful activities.

A diagnosis that is either unclear or wrong is another cause. When something like this occurs, it gets more challenging for the student to be on track along with others.

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In addition, the use of negative labelling and the risk of bullying are also risks associated with the remedial approach.

Even if your child is still getting childcare in Mount Albert, you may want to consider learning which is more prevalent between tutoring and remediation. Who knows? Your child might need remedial or math tutoring in Richmond Hill. By then, you would know what to do.


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