How To Level A Large Lawn And Why You Should

A smooth lawn without any depressions, slopes or bumps provides safe and more usable space for all the outdoor activities. Whether you want to play games or spend some time with your pets and kids, a plane ground is always enjoyable. There are multiple reasons why you should hire a professional gardening company in Dubai. Today, we will discuss all the reasons and also the process to level a large yard.

Difference between Grading and Levelling a Yard

Some of the DIY experts use grading and levelling interchangeably, so we will discuss both the terms today. Most of the times these words are used as synonyms, but there is a small difference between them.

When you are sloping your lawn away from the residence, then it’s called grading. On the other hand, levelling makes your lawn smooth. Both are the parts of the puzzle that can create a beautiful and attractive yard.

Why Grading is required?

Excess rainfall means extra water around your house, which is a problem. You need proper drainage during rainy seasons, especially if you don’t want any damage to your house. Proper drainage seeks appropriate grading.

Grading is the process wherein you need to create the right drainage that can prevent water pooling and also save your house from any other troubles that commonly arises due to extra moisture. If you are looking to purchase a new house, check its grading system.

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Why Levelling is required?

Levelling your lawn makes it more beautiful. As we were discussing earlier, levelling also gives you a safe area to enjoy outdoors. Apart from that, there are a few more reasons why you should level the lawn.

  • A smooth lawn ensures proper water distribution and drainage. Hence, you will never notice water pooling in a plane yard.
  • A levelled lawn is easy and more enjoyable to mow. Cutting the grasses over uneven grounds is tough, time taking and frustrating. 
  • If the slopes are high, then you might not be able to maintain a proper hold over a lawnmower.

Common Causes of Uneven Lawns

  • Diggings by animals.
  • Pests can also be the reason for a hilly lawn.
  • Strong water flow during rainfall
  • Careless lawn maintenance or construction mistakes

Tools for Levelling and Grading a Lawn

There are three different approaches that you can consider while levelling a lawn or grading it for better drainage.

  • Use a walk-behind mower and several other small hand tools for minor yard levelling steps
  • Try big machines like an excavator or bobcat digger to save some time and energy
  • Consult a professional who can come and grade or level your property

Steps for Levelling Your Yard

Make sure the lawn has proper grading before you start its levelling. 

  • Mark all the bumps and grooves.
  • Remove all the thatches using thatch rake or dethatching machine for a large area.
  • Use topsoil mix to parallel the depressions or spots lower than the regular soil bed. If the spots are lower than 2 to 3 inches, then you need to dig all the grasses and fill it with topsoil mix. A shovel will be very helpful here to reduce the slopes.
  • Now use a lawn roller or rake to level the new soil layer.
  • Make the new soil compact by watering it. Do not overwater, otherwise, the soil will runoff.
  • It’s easy to redistribute the soil using a shovel. To fill the low points, you can use the soil that you took from bumps and raised areas.
  • You can also use a tiller to break the top layer of the soil. After using a tiller, the levelling will be easier than expected.
  • Stake the area that you want to level so that you don’t overdo the process.
  • Install oscillating sprinklers and water the soil before you throw out new seeds.
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Apart from the above-mentioned tips and tricks there few other primary things that you need to consider before starting the lawn levelling mission. First, call local authorities to know if there are any underground utilities in your lawn. Second, wear sports shoes. And third, take out any perennial plants and replant them somewhere else.


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