Tips to Choose the Modern Chandelier

Lighting is a significant part of the design of a room. It helps to emphasize the features of interior décor as well as create the right accents. Without artificial lighting, a room in an apartment or a house is incomplete. Chandelier lights are a great way to add light to your space and create a statement.

Types of Chandelier

Chandelier refers to an ornamental light fixture that is mounted on the fall ceiling. Along with the dining room, this can be used to create a statement in the other rooms of the house like the living room, patio, or bedroom. The chandeliers feature numerous lights in multiple tiers that are used for ambient lighting. Before you pick a chandelier for your space, it is important to know about its types. Here are the aspects on which you can differentiate between the types of chandeliers

a). Design & Style- Modern, Industrial, Contemporary, Craftsman, Rustic, etc

b). Shape- Rectangular, Pendant, Cluster, Beaded, Globe, etc

c). Finish- Brass, Bronze, Gold, Chrome, etc

d). Lighting Function- Upright, Downlight, etc

Things to Consider While Choosing a Chandelier

Choosing a Chandelier

Once you have decided the design, shape, and finish, here are the key factors that must consider while picking a chandelier

1. Positioning:

In an interior space, the chandelier’s position needs to be centered because

a). Aesthetic: A wonderful chandelier is splendid from all the angles. Placing a chandelier in a central position gives a 360-degree view to admire the beautiful components.

b). General Light: From the centered position, artificial ambient light is evenly distributed.

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c). Symmetry:  As a suspended object, the chandelier is best to hang in the central location for the visual balance.

2. Installation Height

If you are planning to hang a chandelier in a dining room, it should be hanged approximately 30 inches above the surface of the dining table. The people seated around the table would be able to see each other properly and they would not get glare in the eyes. In case there is a high ceiling (9 feet or higher), adding around 3 inches for every additional foot of the ceiling height is advised. In case you plan to install chandelier to other rooms, considering the line of sight, as well as safe clearance, is important.

Along with these, do not forget to consider the chandelier brightness. The ideal lumen count for the ambient lighting is determined by the square footage of the space. Generally, a dining room of 100 sq. ft. requires around 300-400 lumens. Depending on your type of space (dining room or other rooms), you can look for the chandelier with appropriate lumen output.


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