What qualities do you need to work in a nursery

If you like being around children, you might be considering a career in childcare. However, to be a great nursery worker, you need far more than just an interest in and fondness for children. Working in a nursery will see you care for babies and children up to the age of five, and it goes without saying that they will challenge you from time to time. Young children are free-spirited, head-strong, and unpredictable at times and this can be extremely fun, since no two days will be the same, but can also cause problems to arise that you may be responsible to solve. 

Because of the often challenging nature of the role, you’ll have to promote an array of specific qualities that will afford you the ability to excel in the role, not only benefitting the children’s development but your own progression in the childcare center. To find out about the specific qualities that you’ll need to work in a nursery, read on, as we reveal the top three. 

1. Patience

Probably the most important quality that you need to work in a nursery is patience. As we mentioned earlier, the children may test your limits from time to time, so you’ll need to be able to stay calm, collected, and be patient. This doesn’t just apply to times when children misbehave, but also when they’re learning a new skill or tackling a challenge that you’ve assigned them. 

Of course, every child is different, which means that some children will pick up and adapt to certain challenges quicker than others. For those children who find certain things more difficult than others, you might have to repeat yourself multiple times before they fully understand. This means you’ll have to be patient with them and give them the time that they need to take in the information that you’re delivering. 

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2. Have a positive attitude 

Working with children can be hard work and although we’d argue that it’s the best job in the world and you’ll have endless fun, it can also be incredibly tiring. This is why it’s essential that you approach each day with a positive attitude, greeting the children with a smile and boundless energy in the morning, and sending them home at the end of the day with the same positivity. This will ensure that the children have the best day possible and that you enjoy and make the most of your time spent with them. 

3. Be creative

Whether you’re having to come up with a new activity or task for the children to do, or you’re creating a new theme for a room in the nursery, it’ll really help if you have a creative flair when working with children. Thinking of new and exciting challenges for them to take part in could not only help their mental development but also could aid their motor skills, for example, if you’re taking part in a gardening task that requires them to pour and dig. If you’re struggling for ideas, then you could take a look at the Kiddi Caru Activities for some inspiration. 

Working with young children and contributing to their development can prove to be the most rewarding career. Not only will you help to shape their future, but you’ll be on hand to provide them with fun and excitement on a daily basis. If you’re fancying a career change and think that you have the qualities that are required to work in a nursery, then pursuing this role could be the best decision you ever make. 

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